October 8th, 2013: Happy Birthday, Emily!

This fansite would like to wish the best of birthdays to its inspiration, Emily Procter, who, today, celebrates her 45th birthday.
We hope that everything Emily wishes for this day may come true for her, may it be a day full of love and happiness,  exactly what we think she deserves.

To all her numerous fans, we ask them to send her love and happy wishes through her official twitter account @EmilyProcter and to use the #HappyBirthdayEmilyProcter hashtag as much as possible today. A power hour will be announced later in thebday to try and trend it.

Have a marvelous Emilicious day, dears!


Remember to Follow Emily on twitter

Our idol has been on twitter for a while now and she is really trying at mastering the whole "find something to say" thing. Her tweets are witty, funny and interesting, so don't miss out and follow her!

If you want to get involved in the quest to get Emily to her first 50k followers on twitter, use the #EmilyPTo50K hashtag, tweet about her, retweet her and share her awesomeness with your friends and followers.

For news and follow sprees, don't forget to follow @anawardforemily