Emily Procter in White Collar - Sneak Peek

Tonight is the night, fans! Emily is back on Tv and she is starting "dating" the business again playing Amanda Callaway, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the White Collar Unit.
Emily has given us an insight about going back to work after almost a year and this new character and the chances it has on the show in an interview for TV GUIDE. (click to read it)
Tv Guide gives us a sneak peek of what is to come tonight on White Collar, the introduction of Amanda  Callaway.
White Collar airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.


Emily video message - Late February Update

Don't miss Emily's first appearance on White Collar on Tuesday!


Emily in White Collar - IN THE WIND (March 5th)

Synopsis - In this season finale, Neal and Peter are one heist away from retrieving the evidence box hidden inside the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, Senator Pratt enlisted a small army of FBI agents to find the box before Neal. The episode is set to air on 5th March 2013

source: spoilerTV.com

Emily in White Collar - THE ORIGINAL (Feb 26th)

THE ORIGINAL (#415) In this ramp up to the finale, Peter and Neal get closer to finding out the mystery behind Ellen's evidence box while simultaneously chiseling their way through the world of sculpture forgery. Guest Stars: Emily Procter, Treat Williams, Pablo Schreiber, Kerry Butler, James Riordan, Janet Dacal, Bhavesh Patel and Lance Roberts Airs: Tuesday, February 26 @10/9c