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Emily Procter with Maria
Maria spoke with CSI Miami's own Emily Procter about tonight's episode where the love of her and another CSI comes full circle and what it was like to work with Puff Daddy. Emily also gives us some tips how she wears white around all those crime scenes


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Parade Magazine: Emily Procter in No Rush to Lose Baby Weight

In these exclusive extras from PARADE's March 6 cover story, CSI: Miami's Emily Procter talks about filming her hit show while pregnant and gives the scoop on the baby shower her co-stars threw for her.

Emily's Parade Magazine Interview: A Mother's Journey

Emily Procter and her partner, music producer Paul Bryan, are squinting intently at the perfect face of their baby daughter, Philippa Frances. It’s not just that the couple is infatuated with tiny Pippa, as she’s known. They’re also trying to answer the question that always preoccupies new parents: Whom does she look like?

Emily presents little Pippa on ET - video