The most important rule is being an Emily Procter's fan!
This project is merely a present her fans are putting together for Christmas 2012 and it's web based, so there are no restriction concerning your age, location or gender.

What's this present about?
The outcome of this project will be a book which will collect Emily's fans love for her. Every fan will have two dedicated pages, one will contain their photo and personal information, the other will host your artwork, poem or simply thoughts about her.

What do you have to do?
This is the fun part, if you want to join this project you have to send to: theteamprocterproject@live.co.uk

  • a photo of yourself
  • your name and location
  • either a poem, pictures, some notes or your first memory about her. Your creativity will be her joy!

Since we hope there will be many of you sending your entry in, we have set some simple limits that will give the chance to everyone to have the same space to express their love to Emily.
You all will get one and only one page to fill, so:

  • written entries: you'll have a 350 words limit;
  • pictures and artworks: consider we'll have to fit them in a 18x18 cm square book page, we will be our best for what concern graphic but try to work in a way to have the best quality when scaled. Send us only png, jpg and gif formats for better compatibility (I recommend PNG for better quality).

You can send your entries until May 31st, 2012. Then we will start the final graphic work, so no entries after that date will be included.



Win a chance to interview CSI Miami Eva LaRue and Emily Procter

SOS Children's village Florida gives you the chance to interview Emily and Eva live on LA Talk Radio's Max & Friends with host Max Tucci. This auction's Proceeds benefit the boys and girls growing up at SOS Children's Villages - Florida.

For more info take a look at the site.


@emilyprocter Emily's verified account.

Emily's twitter account has changed username, she is @emilyprocter now. She has been verified! A week on Twitter and she has done more than anyone else! You go, Emily!!!


Video: Emily and her tattoo.

Yes, Emily is having quite the fun tweeting, posting pics and videos. Here her latest video, talking about her cute tiny tattoo. Do you remember where it is?



Welcome to Twitter, Emily!

Emily is officially on Twitter! Follow her @emilyprocter99
A big welcome from AnAwardForEmily!


Emily Procter on Max&Friends: Online Podcast

You can listen to Emily's interview with Max Tucci on LATalk Radio show Max&Friends here on online podcast.

You can download the whole episode from here.