FitPregnancy: Calleigh from Raleigh

Calleigh from Raleigh
Actress Emily Procter shares her biggest indulgences and how she stays fit during pregnant

Emily Procter is probably best known as Associate White House Counsel Ainsley Hayes on NBC’s The West Wing, which ran from 2000 to 2002. Now she’s a regular on CBS’ CSI Miami as Calleigh Duquesne, and she’s expecting her first child in December with musician boyfriend Paul Brian. Procter also sings regularly with a 1980s cover band called Motion. Born and raised in Raleigh, N.C., she’s all Southern smarts and charm, and loves to laugh, seemingly unlike either of her best-known characters. When we caught up with her for a chat at a Hollywood hotel, she was about 8 months along.


UsMagazine.com: CSI: Miami's Emily Procter Had No Idea She Was Pregnant!

CSI: Miami's Emily Procter Had No Idea She Was Pregnant!

After years of trying to conceive a child, CSI: Miami's Emily Procter dreamed of the day she would finally become a mother -- literally!

"I'm so excited! I actually had no idea that I was pregnant, and in
the middle of the night I had this dream," Procter, 41, tells UsMagazine.com. "There was this old woman, and she said, 'Honey, you're pregnant!' And I said, 'No, I'm not. There's no way.'"

Procter took the dream as a sign and woke up in the middle of the night to take a pregnancy test.

"I thought that dream was so bizarre, and when it was positive, of course I told my boyfriend [musician Paul Bryan]," the Palmer's spokeswoman says. "We were like, 'Wow! That is unbelievable.'"

Since then, the actress -- who is due in December -- says her CSI: Miami costars have already begun offering advice to the first-time parents.

"It’s probably 90 percent men [on set], and I expected them to be weird about it, and they have been so sweet," she tells Us.
"I get guys coming in saying, 'These are my daughter's favorite
onesies,' and 'My son loves this rattle' or 'This works really well for
my family.' These big burly guys who could walk on fire and not feel it
are like, 'Let me get you a chair. Are you thirsty? Are you drinking
enough water?'"

And as she preps for her baby's arrival, Procter is keeping the details of her baby's sex mum -- for now, anyway.

"We have a couple of names picked out," she teases. "We are going to see. It's all in negotiation."


'CSI: Miami': Emily Procter dreamed of having a baby ... literally

Sitting on the laboratory set of CBS' "CSI: Miami," currently airing its 9th season on Sundays, Emily Procter, 42, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne, wonders if the experience of
having her first baby, due in mid-December, will be all that unfamiliar.

"It's funny," she tells Zap2it, munching on cake from the show's 200th-episode party earlier in the day, "I'll be curious to see how different it is from Season One of an hour-long drama, because you don't sleep in Season One.

"I remember walking around in a stupor and thinking, 'This is what it must be like to be a new parent.' Because you're sleeping three, four hours a night. You're on your feet; you have to be on. You're getting up when it's dark and coming home when it's dark.

"I'll be curious to see how different it is. Everybody's like, 'Are you ready to get up at five o'clock in the morning?' I'm like, 'I get up at five o'clock in the morning now. Yeah, I'm ready.'"

Now that her pregnancy is in its final trimester, Procter has been dealing with some practical problems.

"It's the wildest thing," she says, looking down at her belly. "You really think this can't stretch any more, and then it does. Then it does. It's like being a bug on its back. You get into a position where you think, 'I can't get up. I really can't get up.'

"Your middle doesn't work. It used to be people could pull me from the side, now they've got
to come from the front, because even off to the side, all I do is topple over."

While Procter is pregnant, Duquesne is not, and the actress likes it that way.

"We had talked about it," she says, " and I was really advocating for it being written in. Now, I have to say, it was the absolute right decision, and I love it. I don't work nearly the hours that I did. I sit down a lot."

Because she's not in the field processing evidence, Procter does a lot of scenes in which she's talking to witnesses or suspects, and that has challenges of its own.

"I'm having that problem with my memory," she says, "that sometimes pregnancy brings on. I'm looking at people, and I'm thinking, 'God, I hope they say something that triggers what I'm supposed to ask them next.'

"I think I take a lot of long, extra pauses, where I stare meaningfully at people and go, 'Hmmm.' I'm really seething this season. It's about the seethe and trying to remember what I'm supposed
to say."

Asked whether she ever feels left out of the action, Procter says, "I think initially my ego was bruised a little bit, because I'm like, 'I'm not out there with everyone.' I got over it. My third day of sleep when people were just stumbling around, I'm like, 'I don't have to be here.'"

Apparently, Procter had an early alert for pregnancy from an unusual source.

"I'd had a dream that I was pregnant," Procter says, "and I got up in the middle of the night and took a pregnancy test. It was a bizarre thing. A nurse was in my dream, and she said, 'You're pregnant.' I said, 'Oh, no, I'm not pregnant.' She said, 'Yes, you are.' I said, 'How come nobody's told me?' She said, 'It's too soon.'

"I woke up, and I thought, 'That's a very strange dream.' I happened to have a pregnancy test, and I went and took it, and it was positive. And I thought, 'I'm so glad I took that, because we work with smoke ...'

"It had been a couple of weeks, but I thought, 'I don't know what's up, but something's up. I'm not going to worry about it, because I know I'm not pregnant.' And, I was."

Fortunately for Procter, she's not having to spend a lot of her time shopping for the baby.

"My mom," she says, "for all my teasing her about saving everything, she saved all my clothes, so I have a ton of clothes. And I have a couple of friends who sent me giant boxes of hand-me-downs."

'CSI: Miami': Emily Procter dreamed of having a baby ... literally

Sitting on the laboratory set of CBS' "CSI: Miami," currently airing its 9th season on Sundays, Emily Procter,
42, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne, wonders if the experience of
having her first baby, due in mid-December, will be all that unfamiliar.


Inside Stars' Favorite Rooms: Emily Procter's living room

Inside Stars' Favorite Rooms:


>Mom-to-be Emily Procter has a secret talent: She's an avid interior designer! The North
Carolina native even added a measured dose of southern comfort with
plush pillows and fresh flowers to her otherwise sleek white space. "I
love a good old-fashioned formal living room," says the CSI: Miami star.


"CSI: Miami" Star Emily Proctor Opens Up About Expecting Her First Child

In an exclusive Modernmom interview with Emily Proctor, the "CSI: Miami"

star revealed the scoop about being pregnant for the first time (her
baby is due in December!) and what kind of mommy she hopes to be. She is
so sweet and we have a hunch she'll be a great mommy!


sheknows.com: Emily Procter shares pregnancy secrets

Emily Procter shares pregnancy secrets

SheKnows: Being a celebrity, the world wants to know
about your pregnancy. Is it a challenge for you to keep it still
between you and this little baby that’s growing inside you or are you
more than willing to share it with the world?  

Emily Procter: It was one of those things where I
wanted to see how the pregnancy progressed before I made any sort of
announcement. I was home for the summer and I kept going places and
hearing from people, "Oh my gosh, I heard you’re pregnant." [Laughs] What? Apparently, my dad took it upon himself to let the world know he was going to be a grandfather finally. [Laughs]
That’s how that turned out. It’s been fine. My job prepared me nicely
for having people come up and randomly touch me because that’s what
happens all the time. People just come up and touch my sweater or fix my
hair. Nobody ever says, "Here I come, I’m going to touch you!" Now,
everyone’s touching my belly. I’m completely used to it. It feels normal
to me.

Southern mothering to Southern California

Emily ProctorSheKnows: What parts of your childhood, or how you were raised, do you seek to replicate as a mother yourself?

Emily Procter: I hope to teach my child to toilet paper as many houses as possible [laughs].
Seriously, one thing I’m going to miss in Los Angeles versus North
Carolina is that it is so much bigger here. I’m looking forward to
seeing how I will handle that. One thing I love about being in Los
Angeles is there are so many wonderful parks. There are great places to
play outside. That was not available to us as a child, because it would
get cold. At a certain point, you didn’t play outside because it was
winter. Parts of my childhood I’d like to recreate for my child? I don’t
know. I feel in a lot of ways I’m still living the way my family raised
me. I’m a big holiday person. I’m one of those people who is decorating
for Halloween the first day of October [laughs]. I’m just
going to do a lot of the same things my mom did with me. My parents were
really good at showing us where the origins of things were. We went to a
dairy farm, things like that.

SheKnows: In the last couple of years, there’s been a
real trend for the press to cover celebrity babies, almost like the
babies of celebrities become celebrities. Are you ready for that? Or,
are you seeking to be more of a shielding mother to keep the press away
from your little one?

Emily Procter: The one thing I’ve noticed about
having my job, for myself, is that I always felt that if I behaved
normally and acted the same, people are going to treat me the same. I
think it worked. I think with a child, I’m already in severe danger of
being overprotective. I would have done that anyway. I hope I will give
my child the freedom to not be that protective of them constantly. It’s
just going to be life as normal for us. That’s what I hope, anyway [laughs].

Procter and the work-motherhood balance

SheKnows: Such an issue for women all over the world, how do you seek to balance your career and motherhood?

Emily Proctor on CSI: Miami

Emily Procter: One thing I think that is nice about
being an older mom is that my career is established enough that
motherhood is going to step up and take the primary role. I feel very
thankful for that. I’m also in a position that the people that I work
with are parents to children too. They’ve already been wonderful with me
being pregnant. It’s going to be great. I’m just going to take the baby
to work. That’s my plan.

SheKnows: CSI: Miami is premiering October 3, how’s the shoot been while pregnant?

Emily Procter: It’s been great for me. In every scene, I’m just sitting in a chair [laughs]! You don’t understand, this is my favorite season so far.

SheKnows: Are they going to write that into your
storyline, or are you just sitting at tables and walking around holding a
folder over your belly?

Emily Procter: [Laughs] The good news, I’m
due anytime before Christmas. They’ve been very nice about it thus far,
but I have a feeling that people are going to be tapping their watch,
looking at me, ready for me to go to the gym in February. "Alright, you
don’t get to sit down anymore."

SheKnows: Are you going to take any time off after having the baby?

Emily Procter: I’m going to try not to; I’m going to try to not miss an episode. I’m not pulling my weight this year, I’m really not [laughs]. I’m surprised when they pay me.


Celebrity Parents Mag: Catching Up With...CSI: Miami's Emily Procter

Catching Up With...CSI: Miami's Emily Procter

Emily 2
Actress Emily Procter is a busy woman indeed. In addition to heading into the latest season on CBS’ highly rated show CSI: Miami, she is also the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stretch mark formula products. Due in December, the CSI: Miami star spoke exclusively with Celebrity Parents Magazine
about being the new spokeswoman for Palmer’s, and why she plans on
packing her suitcase when she has Thanksgiving dinner…just in case.

Obligatory first question: Do you know what you’re having?
Yes, but my partner and I are keeping it a secret.

Okay, how about just the name? [laughs]
If we told you the name you’d probably be able to figure out the sex! If not, we’re in trouble! [laughs]

Emily 3 Let’s talk about Palmer’s. This is THE ad campaign to do when you’re pregnant. How did you get involved with the brand?
had started using Palmer’s products about two years ago. I had read a
magazine article about the best of the best products, and Palmer’s was
on the list. I thought I would try it, and I loved it. I also liked the
history of the company; the current owner is the son of the creator of
the line, who was a chemist. He created the product in the basement of
his house. It’s a family-owned product; just good, kind people putting
out good, affordable skin care. I think that there’s something very
responsible in that.

You can pamper yourself and it’s at a good price point.
You’re not getting something second or third tier. It’s a top-quality product that works for everyone.

Which is your favorite product from the line?
I cannot say enough about the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter. Have you used it?

Palmer's cocoa butter
Yes, I have and it’s delicious.

is! I told them, “Ya’ll need to put a label on it to sell it to
everyone, not just pregnant women!” [laughs] There’s also the Skin
Therapy Oil, which has an anti-itch formula, and it contains collagen
and Vitamin E. I put that on at night; it just works for me. I put it on
my face, which normally could be disastrous but I love it. I think it’s
just for your belly, but if it works in one spot, why not just take it
everywhere? I say: You can’t have too much of a good thing. [laughs]

You just recently shot the ad campaign. How did that go?
was incredible easy. It’s an all-day shoot, and I thought I was going
to get tired. But apart from having to use the bathroom 30 times, I was

Emily 1 Now, how have you been preparing for the baby?
I ordered everything for the nursery, but there was a problem getting
the fabric. So even though my mom, my aunt and my best friend from home
are here to help me, I think we’re going to just be looking at each
other and playing with tiny baby clothes! [laughs] I’m due in December,
but I think I could go any time after Thanksgiving. I tend to eat spicy
food for Thanksgiving, so you never know what could happen.

So you’re going to go to Thanksgiving dinner with your suitcases, then?
I already started washing my nursing items and putting them in the bag, just in case!

And you’re still working on CSI: Miami. Has the pregnancy affected your work?
plan is not to miss any episodes. This year I have such a small part
and I have to sit down a lot. The other actors have to do all the action
scenes and that’s my favorite part; they couldn’t care less about it. I
miss them, though. I got a sweet text from [CSI: Miami co-star] Adam
[Rodriguez] last week saying, “Why aren’t you here every day? I miss
you!” And I thought, “Awww! My fake boyfriend really does love me!”
[laughs] They might get tired of rolling me around the set, but we’ll
see what happens. I love working on the show, being the new face for
Palmer’s, and expecting my first child. I’m just so lucky.

For more info on Palmers, please go to www.palmers.com.


Procter Is Palmer’s Latest Spokesperson

Procter Is Palmer’s Latest Spokesperson

Actress and expectant mom Emily Procter (from CBS’s hit series “CSI:
Miami”) will be the new spokesperson for the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Formula pregnancy products’ national print, television and radio ad

The new face (and belly!) of the cult classic skin care brand, proudly
bared her baby bump in Los Angeles during the ad shoot, which will
showcase Procter, her baby bump and the essential ways of using
Palmer’s products throughout pregnancy.

The campaign will feature Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark
products, such as Massage Lotion and Cream for Stretch Marks, Tummy
Butter and Skin Therapy Oil. The advertisements are projected to run
throughout broadcast outlets and in major magazines during December
2010 to December 2011.

Due in December, Procter ensures that Palmer’s products will help her
take on the new leading role of mom.She joins a list of other expectant
moms that have shown off their pregnant bellies in past Palmer’s ad
campaigns including Samantha Harris, Laila Ali and Angie Everhart.

original link

People: Emily Procter ‘Grateful’ to Experience Pregnancy

Emily Procter ‘Grateful’ to Experience Pregnancy

Rene Macura/Palmer’s/AP

How much does Emily Procter love being pregnant?

“I started crying the other day just thinking that the baby is going to leave me soon!” says Procter about her first child — she’s keeping the sex a secret — with her boyfriend, musician Paul Bryan.

“You have this relationship with this person in your belly and it’s really amazing.”

Procter, 41, is enjoying finally feeling her baby move.

“It’s really fun at night, because I can see the baby kicking,” says Procter, who is the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula stretch mark products.

“I can feel the knee or the foot. The baby is starting to get heavy,
and it’s a really incredible feeling. I’m so grateful I get to
experience this.”

And how does she feel about her changing body? “There’s not a
stretch mark!” says Procter, who uses Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula
Tummy Butter on her belly in the morning and the Skin Therapy Oil at

Rene Macura/Palmer’s/AP

The actress, who has gained 20 lbs. so far, is keeping active walking, swimming and taking a hip hop dance class once a week.

“It’s hilarious!” she says about her dance class. “But I feel really
good. I would love to tell you that I don’t worry about losing the
weight after the baby is born, but I do try to think before I eat. The
first cookie? Definitely! But I try to think about if I really want to
do the extra sit-ups before I eat the second one.”

Procter and Bryan have already agreed on a name for the baby, due in December.
“We’re naming it after one of my grandparents,” she says. And as for
the nursery? Although it’s not quite ready yet, they’re keeping it
gender neutral in soothing green colors.

The birth plan is also not locked in place. “It’s one of those
things where I’m trying not to be nervous and see what happens,” says

“I was leaving work the other day and as I was saying goodbye to [CSI: Miami costar] Eva LaRue,
she said, ‘Emily, you’re having a baby!’ And all of a sudden it hit me
and yes, I got nervous! So I went home and signed up for CPR! But I try
not to get stressed about it. I’m probably going to have this
experience only once, so I’m just so thankful.”

Rene Macura/Palmer’s/AP

– Ulrica Wihlborg

CSI: Miami's Emily Procter on GDLA


Emily Procter Reveals Her Unusual Pregnancy Predictor

Michael Williams/Startraks

Emily Procter‘s discovery that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend, musician Paul Bryan, was anything but traditional.


E!Online interview 09/02/2010

Is CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter Having Twins?

Emily Procter Chelsea Lauren/WireImage.com

Is Emily Procter having twins?

Before you ask her, here's what the CSI: Miami star tells us...
Along with the well wishes, Procter, 41, says many people have mistakenly assumed that she and musician boyfriend Paul Bryan have two babies on the way or she's further along than she actually is.

"The most common question I get is, 'Are you having twins?' and when
I say no they're like, 'Are you sure?' " the first-time mom-to-be said
with a big laugh while browsing GBK and Tic Tac's Emmy gifting lounge
at the SLS Hotel. "The other one I get is, 'Is your due date wrong?'
But no, I still have three months."

Procter, who's due in early December, also told us that she and
Bryan know the baby's sex and have already picked out the name, but
they're keeping both details a secret.

As for pregnancy food cravings?

"No pickles and ice cream," she said. "Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Lemon ice cream, lemonade, lemon anything."

read more


Emily Procter at the GBK Gift Lounge

Emily Procter at the GBK Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2010 Emmy Nominees and Presenters at SLS Hotel on August 27




And a message from Emily



CSI: Miami's Emily Procter Will Hide Real-Life Pregnancy

Open car doors. Cardboard boxes. Maybe a cadaver or two.

Many are the ways Emily
plans to hide her pregnant belly this season on CSI:
. The actress, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne on the hit
CBS drama, is expecting her first child with musician Paul Bryan early
in December. She broke
the news
to TV Guide Magazine on Monday. "We played around
with the idea of my character being pregnant and the general consensus
was, a pregnant woman shooting people might freak our audience out." And
so, Procter plans to duck and cover. "We shot a frantic scene this week
where people were running to escape," she says. "I just stood behind
the biggest guy I could find."

Procter says she'll only miss two episodes and has no plans to leave
the show: "As long as I can get my butt back in the gym," she says with a
laugh. It helps to have a supportive cast, she adds, particularly since
"standing around in heels all day is much harder than I expected." What
surprises her most is how sympathetic the men on the show have been.
Says Procter, "You'd think a bunch of tough guys wouldn't really know
what to say to a pregnant woman, but all the boys have been so sweet and
cute — 'Can I get you anything?' 'Need to sit down?' — I think I might
pretend to be pregnant even after the baby comes!'"


Kenny's Private World

Kenny Chesney leans back against the downy white pillows on the window
seat in his upstairs bedroom as a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean
stretches out behind him. "I love the sunsets," Chesney says of his
Malibu property, which is nestled high in the canyon hills within sight
of Catalina Island. "The view is amazing, and I just love being able to
sit out here and watch the sun and the ocean."

It's the kind of relaxing, peaceful pause that the hardest
working man in country music rarely affords himself. Famous for his
take-no-prisoners touring schedule—he is one of the top ticket-sellers
in the U.S., having played for more than one million fans each year
since 2001—Chesney, 40, has found a sense of renewal in Malibu. Unlike
the Caribbean, where he also owns property, California doubles as both
a private retreat and a music haven with historic roots. "This is just
such a creative place to be," says the reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer
of the Year. "You can feel it out here—you think about the music that's
come out of these canyons, this stretch of ocean highway: Buffalo
Springfield, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Van Halen...You
get a sense of how vast it is and you get inspired."

Energized by his time there, Chesney seems more eager than
ever to do what he loves most. After a successful summer and fall he is
already working on his new show, which will kick off rehearsals in
February. As for his next album, "every morning, I'll pull my guitar
out and see if she talks to me," he says. "I'm working on some new

But it's not all work. Chesney also has hosted visitors in
Malibu, including girlfriend Amy Colley, 24, a Nashville-based
burn-unit nurse who is a former Miss Tennessee U.S.A. "She's very
smart," says Chesney. "She has her own life and she's very comfortable
in her own skin. That helps." And he is making the most of California
living, grilling in his outdoor kitchen and regularly biking 25 miles
up the Pacific Coast Highway. "For the first time in a really long
time, I went to the grocery store," he says of the privacy Malibu
affords its celebrities. A sushi lover, Chesney is also keen on another
Malibu tradition: dining at hot spot Nobu. In late 2008, Chesney came
into the restaurant with pals and spotted U2 guitarist the Edge.
Chesney, a huge fan, didn't want to bother the rocker but left him a
note instead. The next time Chesney came into Nobu, there was a note
waiting for him from the Edge offering praise for Chesney's "luminous"

And yet Chesney rarely settles in one place for any length of
time. In fact, although he only bought the $7.5 million Malibu home in
2008, he already has plans underway to sell the estate and rent a home
down the beach. "Out here, I can hang with people who understand my
life, who have that kind of life," he says. "And I have a lot of
friends here."

Those friends include Eagles alum Joe Walsh, rocker Eddie Van Halen, music producer Rick Rubin and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker, who popped in for a barbecue last fall. He is also close with CSI: Miami
star Emily Procter, his pal and—get this—official decorator. (She
helped style his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, too.) "Kenny is a
sensualist," says Procter, 40. "He likes to have luxury that is
comfortable and not too stiff."

With that in mind, Procter calls her theme for Chesney's
Malibu spread "Nassau meets Nashville," with its English Colonial feel
of white against dark wood. "He likes dark wood and yet he wants it
beachy," she says of his taste. He also likes his flat-screen TVs—the
more, the better, including a retractable screen at the foot of his
massive mahogany bed and one he can watch from his bathtub. "You can
literally watch TV from just about anywhere in the house," says
Procter. "Anyone who knows him well knows he really likes watching
football with his friends. He loves being social and entertaining."

Still, Chesney never stays away from his first love—performing
and writing music—for long. After his February Grammy performance he'll
gear up for his summer tour, leaving the quiet Malibu lifestyle behind,
for a while, anyway. "Music has marked every major event in my life. It
still marks where I am, what I'm doing," he says. "It makes every
moment more. I don't know if I can be that for other people, but if you
ask me what all this is about...at the end of the day, that would be

CSI:Malibu at Ginger Rue

CSI: Malibu


Sometimes as a freelancer, you get the coolest gigs ever.  Such was the case for me when I got to travel to Malibu to interview Emily Procter,
star of CSI: MIAMI, for the August cover of GUIDEPOSTS magazine.  We
did the interview the same day as the photo shoot, and let me tell you,
everyone there was completely taken with Emily.  She is unbelievably
sweet and fun to be around–plus, she had a really great story to tell. 
She’d really spent a lot of time thinking about how she wanted the
story to take shape, which made my job a breeze.   I thought you might
enjoy some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot.  Read Emily’s story
at http://www.guideposts.org/celebrities/csi-miami-star-emily-procters-inspiring-story

Southern girls represent!  Stylist Lauren Sample is from Mississippi, Emily's from North Carolina, and I'm from Alabama.

Southern girls represent! Stylist Lauren Sample is from Mississippi, Emily's from North Carolina, and I'm from Alabama.


Emily overlooking Malibu Beach

Emily overlooking Malibu Beach

Shooting on the beach

Shooting on the beach

Photographer Jack Guy is amazingly talented.

Photographer Jack Guy is amazingly talented.

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EXCLUSIVE: Emily is pregnant

CSI: Miami star Emily Procter, 41, is expecting her first child with musician Paul Bryan, 43, her rep confirms exclusively to TV Guide Magazine.

According to CBS, Procter's pregnancy will not be written into the upcoming season of CSI: Miami, premiering Sunday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.


guidepost.org: What Inspires Emily Procter

What Inspires Emily Procter

The CSI: Miami
actress recounts the story of how she finally found happiness in Los
Angeles, and who helped her get there.

Emily Procter, Los Angeles, California

I've lived in Los Angeles for 18 years, and for the past eight, I’ve been blessed with what actresses dream of—a starring role on a hit television show, playing Detective Calleigh Duquesne on CSI: Miami. I’m comfortable here now, content with being my down-to-earth southern self in a tough and glitzy business. But I wasn’t always.

There was a time when I was starting out that I was really struggling. Not so much with acting—I was getting enough work doing guest roles and TV pilots to pay the rent—but with how unmoored I felt. I’d moved to L.A. after college and I knew there’d be an adjustment. I just hadn’t counted on how hard it would be.

Life out here was nothing like back home in North Carolina, where all of my family was, where I’d had the same friends since kindergarten, people I could count on. Even after four years in L.A., I still didn’t know who I could trust. I felt lonely. And a little lost, as if something was missing from my life.

So far my closest relationship was with my cat, Kevin. He was rescued as a newborn from a hole in the wall—literally—of a friend’s old beach shack. From the get-go, he was gentle and sweet and had this calm about him that I only wished I could find. It was like his rough introduction to the world hadn’t closed him off but rather opened him up. He’d come when I called and flop onto his back so I could rub his belly. He’d even jump into the bathtub with me. Kevin was the picture of contentment. How could I help but fall in love?

Still, in the fall of 1996 it hit me that except for taking care of Kevin, my days were all about me. Was I thin enough? Did my hair look right? Did I prepare enough for my next audition? Where was my career going? I really need to take the focus off myself and do something for someone else, I thought.

I could almost hear my mom saying, “Go for it!” My parents were big on helping others—my dad was a doctor, my mom volunteered at a home for people with AIDS, and we were always signing up for service projects at church. When I heard about the soup kitchen at All Saints Episcopal a few blocks from my apartment, I decided to volunteer.

Monday lunch was my shift. Every Monday I’d put on my green corduroy overalls—for some reason, that became my serving-line outfit—and walk up Bedford Drive, cross Wilshire Boulevard, then turn right onto Santa Monica Boulevard to get to the soup kitchen.

I kept noticing the same guy at the corner on Wilshire. A homeless man in a wheelchair. He was in his fifties and sat quietly in his shorts and red windbreaker, reading. He didn’t hassle people, just said thanks when someone dropped money into his cup. I’d say hello, but that was it. He seemed reserved, and I wanted to respect his privacy.

But one Monday in December something made me stop and say, “I work at All Saints soup kitchen. Want to go with me and get lunch?” He looked up at me with these bright blue eyes and said, “Yeah!”

“I’m Emily.”


I grabbed his wheelchair and started pushing, but I couldn’t maneuver it in my clunky clogs. “I’m sorry, Jim. I’m not going to be able to get you there today…not in these shoes.”

He didn’t say anything.

“I’m going home for Christmas, but I’ll be back. We’ll go the first Monday after New Year’s,” I promised.

“Okay,” he said, but it seemed like he didn’t believe me.

That Monday after New Year’s I put on tennis shoes and ran to Jim’s corner. There he was in his red windbreaker and wheelchair. His eyes got really twinkly when he saw me. “All right!” he exclaimed. “Let’s go.”

I wheeled him to the soup kitchen, got him settled with some food, then took my place in the serving line. After lunch we went back to his corner. “I’ll meet you here next week,” I said.

That became our little ritual every Monday. I’d pick him up at the corner and we’d head to the soup kitchen. We talked a bit, but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a relief not to get into the typical Hollywood conversations—What do you do? Who’s your agent? What roles are you up for?

One day about three months after we met, Jim seemed more serious than usual. He took my hand and pressed some money into it. Forty dollars. What’s this for?

“I want to tell you something,” he said. “I think you’re very pretty, but you need to buy a new outfit. I saved up this money.”

I realized every time he saw me I was wearing my green overalls! “Jim, I didn’t get around to telling you, but I’m an actress. I have other clothes.” We had a good laugh.

Our friendship grew from there. When I didn’t have an acting job or auditions, we’d have breakfast at a place across the street from his corner. We’d sit and talk about our childhoods, our families, our experiences. Well, Jim shared his life wisdom with me because it wasn’t like I’d acquired much yet.

Once I asked Jim, “Were you in Vietnam?” I’d assumed he was a veteran, so I was surprised when he said no. “Then how did you end up in the wheelchair?”

“Emily, ending up in this chair saved my life. So I don’t want you to feel bad about what I’m going to tell you.” He went on. “I was a terrible alcoholic.” During a binge, he got into a fight and was beaten into a coma. When he came to, he realized, “God stood by me even when I wasn’t standing by me.”

He wanted to make the most of the second chance he’d been given. He quit drinking. He read every book he could get his hands on. He couldn’t afford regular therapy appointments, but there was a nighttime radio show where the host was a therapist. Jim called in every night for two years and worked through his issues.

The closer we’ve gotten—and we’ve been good friends for almost 15 years now—the more I see that Jim really lives by the advice he once gave me: “If you don’t like the way your life looks, change the way you look at it.” He’s more content and at peace with himself and with the world than anyone I know—well, except maybe my cat.

Jim listens without judging and tells you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. He savors every moment, even the struggles, because they often turn out to be  blessings. Like the time I felt lost and lonely and set out to do something for someone else. And look what I ended up finding—the contentment that had been missing from my life…and the inspiration for how to live it.

guidepost.org: What Inspires Emily Procter - pictures

Audrey Razgaitis for guidepost.org


TV Guide: Magazine - CSI: Miami's Practical Jokester

<i>CSI: Miami</i>'s Practical Jokester

Cliff Lipson/CBS

CSI: Miami
's Practical Jokester

by David Hochman 
May 10, 2010 03:33 PM EST

How far do you take a joke in Hollywood? If you’re on the world’s most
popular television series, you take it all season long. All through the
eighth season of CSI: Miami, Emily Procter, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne, cracked wise on her fun-loving castmate Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe), she tells TV Guide Magazine.

got these magnetic bumper stickers,” Procter says, “and started putting
them on Jonathan’s car. They were ridiculous. One said, ‘I’m only
speeding ‘cause I have to poop.’ He was, like, ‘Who put that there?’
Then the next week it was, ‘Girl gone wild!’ He freaked out over that
one. My favorite was the one that said, ‘I’ll fake it so he’ll buy me

The funniest part was Procter didn’t come clean until
the end of the shooting season last month, though she admits she might
have let the prank go a bit too long. “Ryan went crazy,” she laughs.
“’Who's doing this to me? Who's doing this to me?’ Finally, I revealed
myself, but now I'm a little nervous to see what he's going to do to me
next season."


CSI: Miami – Backfire – Review (bscreview)

CSI: Miami – Backfire – Review

Scott Parker | April 20, 2010 at 7:5
I’ll admit that when I saw the previews for last night’s CSI: Miami
episode, I considered it a gimmick. In those scenes, we saw Calleigh
apparently talking to a ghost. I started worrying that we’d get CSI: Ghost Whisperer. What emerged, however, was something different.

“Backfire” opened with a house fire. Calleigh and Ryan are on the
scene (why?), and they see a young man trapped inside. Calleigh charged
in with Ryan and an MDPD “Red Shirt” officer (Montoya) in tow. They
found the boy, and Ryan carried him out. Unfortunately, Calleigh and
Montoya got trapped. Horatio helped Calleigh and Montoya out to safety.
Their efforts were in vain. The young man died on the gurney. And his
ghost appeared right next to his dead body. The young man (Patrick
Dawson) immediately protested Ryan’s surmise that he, Patrick, started
the fire since his hands had third-degree burns on them. But, like most
ghosts, no one can hear him.

Patrick’s grandfather, Henry, was told about the tragedy. Patrick
had lived with Henry since age ten. They were almost finished
renovating the house. Sure, Patrick had issues, but he would not have
started this fire.

Naturally, the autopsy revealed the obvious: Patrick died of
asphyxiation. It also revealed the presence of a chemical on his hands.
Ryan, convinced of the boy’s guilt, processed the chemical in the lab.
Calleigh, fresh off her stint in the ambulance, returned to work. Ryan
gave her the cold shoulder didn’t speak to her. But he discovered the
chemical was turpentine. Horatio interviewed the contractor and
questioned him about the lack of insulation, the
barely-above-the-minimum safety codes in place at the house, and why
the sprinkler system didn’t deploy. Sure, it was technically legal, but
Horatio arrested the contractor for negligence.

Calleigh continued her own individual investigation and noticed a
waxy substance on the walls, away from the main source of the fire.
Curious, she kept recording her thoughts in her digital recorder until
Patrick’s ghost started talking to her. Interestingly, she didn’t seem
fazed by talking to a ghost until she gets in her police Hummer. Minor
nit here: Patrick’s supposed to be a ghost. Thus, his hand shouldn’t
have made a sound when it touched the passenger side door. But, hey,
this is a cop show, not a ghost show.

Frank and Horatio learn about a dispute Grandfather Henry and his
neighbor was having. She works nights, and the contractor wakes her up
every morning. She followed the proper channels but to no avail. So,
she set fire to his lawn, you know, to send Henry a message. (And why
wasn’t she arrested for that?) Frank returned to the crime scene with
Walter and Jesse, and they found the empty roll of wax paper. When
confronted with this piece of evidence, Henry played the childhood
card: he and Patrick made boats with the paper. Frank continued the
questioning and determined that Patrick would have inherited $200,000
upon Henry’s death. Further proof, think the team, of Patrick’s

On the way to the hospital, Jesse walked with Natalia and Calleigh.
He asserted that Henry “might” agree that Patrick was the culprit.
Calleigh stated that “might wasn’t good enough.” At the hospital, Eric
Delko showed up. For as good a friends (and more) as she and Eric are,
Calleigh was puzzled as to why Eric doesn’t respond to her. That’s when
we saw…Calleigh in the hospital bed. Yes, she’s also a ghost, or a
spirit of some sort. Young Patrick is there with her. Like any viewer
of The Sixth Sense, we now get to see the major scenes from
the episode as they really happened: without Calleigh present. Good as
I can be about predicting things, I didn’t see this one coming.
Probably should have. I liked it.

Horatio, meanwhile, sent Jesse and Walter back to the crime scene.
He wasn’t convinced Patrick’s the bad guy. He wanted more evidence.
Jesse and Walter got him some: a dead body. The plumber, Ralph
Zimmerman, died of electrocution. Ryan and Jesse sought out how a man
could die of electrocution on a linoleum floor. The smoking gun, as it
were, was a souvenir stretched penny (the kind you make at amusement
parks) stuck into the fuse box. Who could have done this? Of course,
the neighbor, Mrs. Hollister. She confesses to the crime. But they
don’t believe her. Or do they? I couldn’t tell, frankly.

Ryan still was fixated on why the sprinkler system didn’t activate.
He went to check on something, and Calleigh’s spirit was also there. He
activated the sprinkler and got himself doused. Dejected, he left, but
Calleigh saw something he didn’t see. She was starting to tell Patrick
when, in real life, she had a medical emergency. The resulting
treatment brought her back to this world. And, lo and behold, she held
the key to the entire mystery.

With handwritten data only Horatio could understand, he had Jesse
dig a hole in the yard of the crime scene. There, they found the water
pipes with a towel wrapped around the pipes. Inside the towel was the
remnants of frozen carbon dioxide. Whoever did this made it impossible
for the sprinklers to activate during the fire, but the evidence would
melt later on. The only problem was the tobacco juice on the towel. It
implicated Henry. He torched the house for the insurance money. Off he

In a very touching scene, Calleigh and Eric stood in the morgue,
Patrick’s body laying on the slab. She stroked his face and murmured
“rest in peace.” The episode ended with Horatio, watching Henry leave
the station, the trauma of losing a young man clearly evident on his

I liked that this episode tried to do something different. I am all
about exploring the gray areas in our lives where the spirit world and
the human world collide or coexist. There were some issues with how the
ghost stuff was handled, but, as I said, it’s a cop show. “Backfire”
was clearly a better episode than last week’s “Spring Breakdown,” and
the emotions of the characters–especially Emily Proctor’s Calleigh–were
on their sleeves. It’s a nice reminder that even televised police
procedurals rest on their characters and not always on the plot.


Emily @ 'CSI: Miami' Takes Aim at 'Jersey Shore' (ETonline) *spoilers*


It's spring break, "CSI: Miami" style! ET went behind the scenes as
the hit CBS show got wet and wild with a "Jersey Shore" inspired
episode airing tonight.
A character is nicknamed "The Program," a play on "Jersey
Shore"'s "The Situation." But of course, there's a twist -- this spring
break has a body count.
"It's spring break and it's kind of wild, and all of a sudden three people show up dead," says Rex Linn."The killer is not a likely killer."

"Mayhem, madness possibly some alcohol and murder," adds Emily Procter.
Catch "CSI: Miami" tonight on CBS!


Celebrity Scoop: Emily Procter

Celebrity Scoop: Emily Procter

By Kate O'Hare, Zap2It | March 31, 2010

Usually prim and pretty, Emily Procter of CBS' Monday hit "CSI: Miami"
(also seen on A&E Network in repeats) is sitting in the show's
makeup trailer, covered in dirt, grime and ashes -- and that suits her

"Fire in the hole!" she says. "This is my favorite kind of stuff to do.
I ask all year long for this, and then they give me one or two. That's
all I get."

For the episode, currently set for mid-April, Procter's character, CSI
Calleigh Duquesne, is caught in a fire, aggravating a lung condition
from an earlier severe case of smoke inhalation. She has an out-of-body
experience while unconscious, which helps her solve the previous crime.

On this day, she is shooting a scene in a burning house, fighting
through wreckage and dodging jets of flame. Her stunt double does all
the dangerous stuff, but Procter also does her share.

"I feel like the show should have more action," she says. "I'm the only
one in the cast who runs and guns. I'm not going to let the boys do it
all the time."

But lest you think she's just a tomboy, Procter rehabs houses and collects antiques. She also enjoys a spot of tea.

"The only milk-and-sugar tea I do is English breakfast," she says. "I
wish that you would go to London and have a proper tea at Brown's.
That's where you want to go, but you have to make your reservation way
in advance, because they have the best tea sandwiches, the best tea.

"My best spots here have been the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (in Beverly
Hills) and the London (in West Hollywood). I think I prefer the Beverly
Wilshire. But nothing beats high tea at Brown's in London. It's

"That may be a glitch in Los Angeles, that it's so male-heavy. We don't have enough girly stuff. It's all about the boys."


CSI:Miami "Backfire" - Episode 8x20 - Bigger Spoiler Pictures

We managed to find a bigger version of the exclusive promotional pictures of the upcoming CSI:miami episode "Backfire"



'CSI: Miami's' Emily Procter on Calleigh's complicated love life By Kate O'Hare

'CSI: Miami's' Emily Procter on Calleigh's complicated love life

As fans of CBS' Monday hit "CSI: Miami" know, CSI Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter)
and former CSI Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) have consummated their
long-simmering relationship. With Rodriguez returning to the show
full-time next season, there should be plenty more opportunities for

Procter isn't surprised the two came together.

"We both watch TV," she tells Zap2it.
"There's wish fulfillment in entertainment. Let's face it, we, the
humans, watch other humans being human for entertainment. It's a big,
fat zoo. Why wouldn't you want to see love in there? I mean, it's the
most powerful thing of all.

"We were just the last two left."

Rodriguez recently dubbed the relationship "Delquesne."

"That's pretty good," says Procter.

While fans have mixed feelings about the pairing, it is a step up from some of Calleigh's previous choices.

has poor taste in men," Procter says. "She's the child of an alcoholic.
She has an alcoholic father. She picks terrible people for herself.

dead; one got married. Jake disappeared, but I think he's coming back.
Then there was the guy that I rode out into the sunset with, that we
never saw again. He rode off into 'Cougar Town.' That's true, he did."

Calleigh and her boss, Lt. Horatio Caine (David Caruso), have a nice rapport, but Procter doesn't anticipate any sparks there.

only reason," she says, "I could guess that they didn't put the two of
them together would be that he's a really mystical character. If you
had him in a personal relationship, inevitably he'd have to expose some
of himself, and I just don't think that, as a character, it works.

"Or I thought maybe it's because it was important that he always have really beautiful girlfriends that got killed.

"If I were a Floridian, I would not date either Horatio or Calleigh. It would not be a smooth move."

if she thinks Calleigh and Eric should one day wed, Procter says, "I
think it would be fun if it turned into a 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' thing.
It'd be nice to see them at home, with children, trying to balance
having a job like this.

"I always think that when you can take the reality of a situation and add the fantasy to it, it's good."

for the wedding itself, Procter says, " Well, it should have lots of
Cuban influence. Outside, because it's Miami. I imagine there would be
an infinity pool, and we would stand on top of some sort of platform,
watching the water go into the ocean. Maybe all the CSIs would have to
wear white."

This being "CSI: Miami," perhaps drug lords would then attack.

would go down," Procter says. "Either Delko or Calleigh would be
killed, no doubt about it. Maybe this will be the finale of the series."


Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

This month Emily Procter is sharing her skin care routine and favorite products with us.
For the past eight seasons, Emily Procter has helped to make “CSI:
Miami” a Top Ten staple for CBS. She combines her innate talent,
beauty, and Southern charm into her role as Detective Calleigh Duquesne.

Though investigating crimes scenes may not be as cutthroat an
environment as the White House, audiences also know Emily as attorney
Ainsley Hayes who she portrayed on the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning
“The West Wing” for two seasons.

eproctor1 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Emily was no stranger to television before moving to Los Angeles.
While completing her degree in Journalism and Dance at East Carolina
University, she worked as weather anchor at WNCT in Greenville.

Emily’s earlier big screen credits including the likes of “Leaving
Las Vegas” with Nicolas Cage and “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. In
1998, Emily landed her first starring role in the critically acclaimed
HBO telefilm “Breast Men” opposite Chris Cooper and David Schwimmer
with whom she later worked on “Friends”. She has since co-starred in
the New Line drama “Body Shots”, which reunited her with “Jerry
Maguire” co-star Jerry O’Connell, and more recently opposite Martin
Lawrence in FOX’s blockbuster sequel to the comedy “Big Momma’s House”.
Emily also filmed a cameo role opposite Patrick Wilson in the comedy
“Barry Munday”.

When not filming, Emily enjoys interior decorating, performing with
her new band, playing poker, and working with various charities for the
homeless. My Skin Affair asked Emily to share with us how she keeps her
skin looking so radiant. She has some great product choices. Enjoy!

eproctor2 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

What is your skin care routine?

In the morning I wash my face with Neutrogena then follow-up with Skinceuticals Renew
Overnight Oily (even though it’s a night cream, it works great under
makeup because it’s light, moisturizing and won’t break you out).  At
night I use a combination of Murad products; I love the firming Age Diffusing Serum, Lightening Gel and Age Balancing Night Cream.  I alternate with Skinceuticals, CE Ferulic, Phyto+ and again Renew Overnight Oily cream.


What are your favorite products?

I love the California Baby line! Even though it
says baby on it, their products are gentle for sensitive skin.  I use
the sunscreen (the one in the pump bottle) as hand lotion during the
day. It’s a great way to protect your hands.  Burt’s Bees Apricot Baby Oil has a delicious scent, really delightful.  Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Tinted Moisturizer is a winner and I also love Kai & Jo Malone lotions.


What’s in your purse?

In my bag I always carry Buddha Balm Lip Balm in Mandarin Orange Ginger and Shea Body Butter by Sun Flare Maui (Tuberose is my favorite).  I cannot say enough about this cream, I leave it in my bag because it’s a great pick-me-up.


How do you pamper your skin?

I take a bubble bath every night.  I use EO Bath Salts. And as far as bubbles go, I like EO Bubble Bath, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath is wonderful, Cote Bastide Bain de Roses and California Baby too.  Ten minutes in the bath goes a long way!  Afterwards I cover my feet with Ahava Foot Cream – excellent!


Do you have a favorite spa?

I absolutely love Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, California!  It is a very
low-key place with a natural hot springs and great therapists.  It also
doesn’t hurt that it’s about two hours from L.A. and reasonably
priced.  Catherine in the restaurant makes a splendid raspberry
martini!  After all, fruit is good for the skin!


Favorite spa treatment?

The hour and a half hot stone massage or the hour-long reflexology massage.


Favorite tip/advice for skin care?

Moisturize!!! Moisture is the key to young looking skin.  I will also wear makeup to protect my skin.  I use the Amore Pacific
Moisture Bound Tinted Moisturizer and take the sheen down with a little
mineral makeup powder. I like sheer cover.  It is a natural polished
look with good coverage and great sun protection.

Thanks Emily!

eproctor3 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter


Emily in High-Five SUPERBOWL

HIGH-FIVE SUPER BOWL! - watch more funny videos

Thanks to Emily Procter Fansite, always the first to find these great things!


25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Emily Procter


CSI: Miami star Emily Procter, 41, (her CBS drama airs Monday at 10 p.m. E.T.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with UsMagazine.com

1. In college, I was a weather anchor for the local news. I would "borrow" my forecast from The Weather Channel.

2. I love aimlessly shopping at drugstores.

3. I am currently in training for the 2040 Senior Olympics.

4. I always wear high heels.

5. When I was 8, my favorite toy was a stapler. My brother was afraid of me.

6. 180 episodes of CSI: Miami and never the same lipstick twice!

7. I squirrel away sealed greeting cards that people give to me so I can open them later when I'm having a bad day.

8. The red carpet is terrifying.

9. Kevin, my 17-year-old cat, can't wait to lick the dew off the plants each morning.

10. Dear cable, please stop programming cake-making shows. You are ruining my relationship.

11. To say that I am organized is an understatement, but my car tells a different story.

12. I steal raw veggies from the food table at work. I take them home and make soup.

13. I don't e-mail.

14. I talk to my childhood best friend everyday.

15. Stones versus Beatles? Stones!

16. I can put on lip liner and lipstick without looking in the mirror.

17. You can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to The Big Lebowski.

18. I'm intrigued by James Franco (but who isn't?).

19. Music in our home is delivered strictly by LP. Vinyl forever!

20. One of my passions is interior decorating.

21. I prank-call my manager at least once a week. He's a sucker each time.

22. I'm very self-conscious having my picture taken, so I clown around. My driver's license photo looks like a blonde Elvis.

23. I am aggressively friendly. I love people. Look out. (That means you.)

24. I take a bubble bath every night.

25. I have not checked a suitcase in eight years.

Thanks to Emily Procter Fansite Myspace!


CSI: Miami – “Show Stopper” – review by Scott Parker

CSI: Miami – “Show Stopper” – review

January 13th, 2010 by Scott Parker 

For the first new episode of the year, CSI: Miami
asks the question: What if Hannah Montana pulled a Michael Jackson?
Let’s be honest–Jackson’s notorious hair fire of 1984 is now pop
culture legend. Montana is a current legend. The actress/singer in this
week’s episode may be named Phoenix, but we all know who she’s standing
in for.

In the opening shots of “Show Stopper,” Phoenix and her band are
rocking the house. The choreography is great, the tune is good, and she
looks hot, especially when she catches on fire mid-song. She falls dead
on stage. Quick as a flash, the EMTs are there, whisking away the
still-alive body of Phoenix. Ferris Bueller’s friend, Cameron, is there
(Alan Ruck), and he’s keeping the press at bay. But he can’t hold back
Horatio Caine. The lieutenant moves forward, with Dr. Tom, the ME, and
investigates the body. Uh-oh, Dr. Tom says, the fire didn’t kill
Phoenix. She was already dead.

With that puzzler, the CSI: Miami team is off. Jesse, Ryan,
and Calleigh investigate the crime scene, interviewing the pyrotechnics
guy who seemed to blow up stuff “by the book.” Phoenix’s make-up lady
told Calleigh that the bronzing make-up was worn every show. It’s also,
Calleigh tells her, an accelerant. Ryan collects cell phones from the
grieving throng outside the arena.

Rick Stetler makes an appearance in this episode. He’s calling
Calleigh on a mileage discrepancy on her expense report. She waffles,
apparently trying to hide the fact that she loaned the car to Jesse.
She tells Rick she’ll figure it out. He gives her a one-day deadline.

After determining Walter is a fan of Phoenix, Ryan and Walter find
evidence of copper wiring in Phoenix’s dress. It’s part of a stun gun
and it helps Dr. Tom with his pronouncement that Phoenix died of a
heart attack. However, the body on the slab isn’t Phoebe Nichols, the
young woman who took the stage name Phoenix. It’s Vanessa Patton, a
back-up dancer and dead (heh) ringer for Phoebe/Phoenix. Horatio calls
Julian Teal, the manager, on the fraud. Julian tells Horatio that
Phoebe bailed on him. That may be, but it’s still fraud.

Phoebe’s mom and former manager wants to see her estranged daughter.
Calleigh doesn’t know where she is but vows to find out. The IT guy in
the lab does with all the confiscated cell phones what Batman did with
them in The Dark Knight, namely uses all the images to
reconstruct the concert. What they see astounds them: Adam Lambert!
Well, not really, but the young man is dressed to look like him. Robbie
is Phoenix’s Number One Fan (uh-oh), and he just wanted to get back a
bracelet from Vanessa the Fake Phoenix. He professes that Phoebe
promised him a managing gig but fame changed her. Jesse and Ryan aren’t
buying it, but Robbie, in his most assertive, teenaged voice blurts out
that he’d tell them if he knew who killed Phoenix.

After a little web surfing, Calleigh and Jesse locate a house owned
by Phoenix’s company. After a testy exchange regarding the mileage
discrepancy, they discover none other than Phoebe herself, drugged and
held captive. Suspicions falls back to Alan Ruck’s hyper doctor who
confesses that his job was to drug her for the three to four months (!)
of the current Phoenix tour. Again, Julian the slimeball manager throws
up the “I’m just doing business” curtain. Horatio just moves forward.

The wound on Phoebe’s arm is, in fact, the incision where a GPS
device was implanted. The unit is still active, and it goes back to the
mom! She’d been ostracized by Julian, and this was the only way she
could keep tabs on her daughter. Interspersed in this action is Phoebe
coming to terms with her fame, Vanessa’s murder, and the desire to go
back in time and just sing for the joy of singing. Calleigh’s there
with her, taking a big sisterly role here. This kind of thing is
usually reserved for Horatio, and it’s great to see another character
step up.

“Adam Lamber” gets tagged with the ownership of the stun gun (after
tracing the serial number on the electrodes) and lets slip that “We”
just wanted to expose Vanessa the Fake Phoenix. Oops! Well, the other
half of the “we” was…the Mom!

Up until the end of the episode, we had a pretty darn good story.
The final scene takes it up to eleven. Jesse and Calleigh are alone in
the police locker room. Calleigh confronts Jesse, telling him she can’t
trust him. She badgers him into revealing what he did with the police
vehicle. He confesses he used it to follow a woman. The man she is
with, he says, is very dangerous. This man killed his wife by slitting
her throat so deep that she was almost decapitated.

Calleigh understands. “He’s in Miami.” 

Jesse looses the bombshell. “He also killed my wife.” He turns and
walks away. Calleigh is left alone, stunned into silence, Emily
Proctor’s face clearly showing the shock and disbelief and grief
Calleigh is entitled to. Brilliant ending, and I’m looking forward to
further developments with this story arc.

I’m also glad to see, in the trailer for next week, that the writers
are following up with Natalia Boa Vista (no-show in Monday’s episode)
and her hearing loss injury suffered when she and Ryan were in a drug
dealer’s house when it exploded. Too often, television writers let
interesting aspects of characters fall by the wayside, kinda like
Horatio’s son from last season (where’s he been this season?).

I thoroughly enjoyed Monday’s episode. A VCR snafu delayed me
watching it until Tuesday evening (thus, this recap is a day late). I
have to admit: watching the episode via CBS.com and my laptop sans
commercials wasn’t a bad thing. Perhaps the future of television is

What did you like about Monday’s episode? How’d you take Calleigh’s
larger role in the episode?
And did you get a feeling that Horatio
distanced himself from Phoebe towards the end of the episode?


CSI:Miami "Show Stopper" - Finale clip - Spoiler inside

These are the last scenes of yesterday episode, you'll see Emily for a few seconds but the look she has on her face can really melt the coldest of ice hearts. This is what we'll call Calleigh in "Guardian angel" mode. Don't we love this angel?