Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

This month Emily Procter is sharing her skin care routine and favorite products with us.
For the past eight seasons, Emily Procter has helped to make “CSI:
Miami” a Top Ten staple for CBS. She combines her innate talent,
beauty, and Southern charm into her role as Detective Calleigh Duquesne.

Though investigating crimes scenes may not be as cutthroat an
environment as the White House, audiences also know Emily as attorney
Ainsley Hayes who she portrayed on the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning
“The West Wing” for two seasons.

eproctor1 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Emily was no stranger to television before moving to Los Angeles.
While completing her degree in Journalism and Dance at East Carolina
University, she worked as weather anchor at WNCT in Greenville.

Emily’s earlier big screen credits including the likes of “Leaving
Las Vegas” with Nicolas Cage and “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. In
1998, Emily landed her first starring role in the critically acclaimed
HBO telefilm “Breast Men” opposite Chris Cooper and David Schwimmer
with whom she later worked on “Friends”. She has since co-starred in
the New Line drama “Body Shots”, which reunited her with “Jerry
Maguire” co-star Jerry O’Connell, and more recently opposite Martin
Lawrence in FOX’s blockbuster sequel to the comedy “Big Momma’s House”.
Emily also filmed a cameo role opposite Patrick Wilson in the comedy
“Barry Munday”.

When not filming, Emily enjoys interior decorating, performing with
her new band, playing poker, and working with various charities for the
homeless. My Skin Affair asked Emily to share with us how she keeps her
skin looking so radiant. She has some great product choices. Enjoy!

eproctor2 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter

What is your skin care routine?

In the morning I wash my face with Neutrogena then follow-up with Skinceuticals Renew
Overnight Oily (even though it’s a night cream, it works great under
makeup because it’s light, moisturizing and won’t break you out).  At
night I use a combination of Murad products; I love the firming Age Diffusing Serum, Lightening Gel and Age Balancing Night Cream.  I alternate with Skinceuticals, CE Ferulic, Phyto+ and again Renew Overnight Oily cream.


What are your favorite products?

I love the California Baby line! Even though it
says baby on it, their products are gentle for sensitive skin.  I use
the sunscreen (the one in the pump bottle) as hand lotion during the
day. It’s a great way to protect your hands.  Burt’s Bees Apricot Baby Oil has a delicious scent, really delightful.  Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Tinted Moisturizer is a winner and I also love Kai & Jo Malone lotions.


What’s in your purse?

In my bag I always carry Buddha Balm Lip Balm in Mandarin Orange Ginger and Shea Body Butter by Sun Flare Maui (Tuberose is my favorite).  I cannot say enough about this cream, I leave it in my bag because it’s a great pick-me-up.


How do you pamper your skin?

I take a bubble bath every night.  I use EO Bath Salts. And as far as bubbles go, I like EO Bubble Bath, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath is wonderful, Cote Bastide Bain de Roses and California Baby too.  Ten minutes in the bath goes a long way!  Afterwards I cover my feet with Ahava Foot Cream – excellent!


Do you have a favorite spa?

I absolutely love Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, California!  It is a very
low-key place with a natural hot springs and great therapists.  It also
doesn’t hurt that it’s about two hours from L.A. and reasonably
priced.  Catherine in the restaurant makes a splendid raspberry
martini!  After all, fruit is good for the skin!


Favorite spa treatment?

The hour and a half hot stone massage or the hour-long reflexology massage.


Favorite tip/advice for skin care?

Moisturize!!! Moisture is the key to young looking skin.  I will also wear makeup to protect my skin.  I use the Amore Pacific
Moisture Bound Tinted Moisturizer and take the sheen down with a little
mineral makeup powder. I like sheer cover.  It is a natural polished
look with good coverage and great sun protection.

Thanks Emily!

eproctor3 Celebrity Skin: Emily Procter


Emily in High-Five SUPERBOWL

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25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Emily Procter


CSI: Miami star Emily Procter, 41, (her CBS drama airs Monday at 10 p.m. E.T.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with UsMagazine.com

1. In college, I was a weather anchor for the local news. I would "borrow" my forecast from The Weather Channel.

2. I love aimlessly shopping at drugstores.

3. I am currently in training for the 2040 Senior Olympics.

4. I always wear high heels.

5. When I was 8, my favorite toy was a stapler. My brother was afraid of me.

6. 180 episodes of CSI: Miami and never the same lipstick twice!

7. I squirrel away sealed greeting cards that people give to me so I can open them later when I'm having a bad day.

8. The red carpet is terrifying.

9. Kevin, my 17-year-old cat, can't wait to lick the dew off the plants each morning.

10. Dear cable, please stop programming cake-making shows. You are ruining my relationship.

11. To say that I am organized is an understatement, but my car tells a different story.

12. I steal raw veggies from the food table at work. I take them home and make soup.

13. I don't e-mail.

14. I talk to my childhood best friend everyday.

15. Stones versus Beatles? Stones!

16. I can put on lip liner and lipstick without looking in the mirror.

17. You can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to The Big Lebowski.

18. I'm intrigued by James Franco (but who isn't?).

19. Music in our home is delivered strictly by LP. Vinyl forever!

20. One of my passions is interior decorating.

21. I prank-call my manager at least once a week. He's a sucker each time.

22. I'm very self-conscious having my picture taken, so I clown around. My driver's license photo looks like a blonde Elvis.

23. I am aggressively friendly. I love people. Look out. (That means you.)

24. I take a bubble bath every night.

25. I have not checked a suitcase in eight years.

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