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Emily Procter arrives at 2011 CNN Heroes: Video

Pop Candies Tv has posted a video of Emily and Paul's arrival at the 2011 CNN Heroes. Take a look.

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Emily SPOTTED: The Stars Come Out For Nola Singer Jewelry

By Radar Staff

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Actress Emily Procter and lawyer Marty Singer.

It was a star-studded event when Nola Singerlaunched her new jewelry collection, featured at Intermix and Planet Blue.

Nola's elegant launch party was sponsored by Perrier-Jouet Champagne and held at the home of her parents, Deena and Marty Singer, the high-profile Hollywood attorney.

Fans of the talented designer, who couldn't wait to try on her latest creations included Amy Smart, Priscilla Presley, Patti Stanger, CSI: Miami star Emily Procter, Ever Carradine,Danielle Panabaker, Grace Phipps andTwilight's Julia Jones.

Guests mixed and mingled, browsing the beautiful pieces while munching on vegetarian hors d’oeuvres and sipping champagne.
But you don't have to be a star to find Nola's fabulous gems. Go to Jewelry by Nola to see her stunning collection.

One of the first to arrive at the party, Singer’s pal Amy Smart, came wearing a bracelet sold at Intermix, and headed straight for the exquisitely decorated table to browse the beautiful collection of vintage inspired pieces.
Priscilla Presley brought her handsome musician son Navarone Garibaldi.

Other celebrity fans of jewelry by Nola are Nikki ReedScarlett JohanssonHalle BerryVanessa Hudgens,Maria MenounosMichelle WilliamsSophia BushCamilla Belle, and Katy Perry.


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Kiersten Warren Tweets two pics of Emily Procter

Kiersten Warren, who will guest star on CSI:Miami 11th epsidoe for this season, has posted two funny pictures on Twitter of them on the set. Take a look! LINK

CSI:Miami 10.07 "Sinner Takes All" Episode Screencaptures

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Emily Procter talks to CineStars' Brittany Umar about "Socks For America"

"CSI: Miami" star Emily Procter and CineStars' Brittany Umar discuss the show's current season and Procter's involvement in the "Socks For America" program.

You can find the video on philly.com (Unfortunately it is not available for people outside the USA)

Emily's new promo for Warriors in Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ford Warriors in Pink has once again teamed up with the stars from CBS's biggest and most popular prime-time shows.


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Emily Procter in Good Day LA for "Socks for America"

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CSI:Miami Emily Procter talks about "Socks for America"on Mass Appeal

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) - You've watched her working for justice on the hit television show CSI: Miami. Now Emily Procter is part of campaign that's working to bring warmth and comfort to some of the smallest feet in America.
There are more than 18 million children in the US living below the poverty line, a number undoubtedly exacerbated by the challenging economy. As a mother herself, Emily Procter was horrified to learn that so many children go without, and she felt drawn to help and protect our nation's most vulnerable citizens.


Procter is spokesperson for the "Socks for America" campaign. Through the campaign, No nonsense, a leading manufacturer for legwear and sleepwear, will donate one million pairs of new, comfortable socks to children and their families in need nationwide.

The "Socks for America" campaign shows how a small gesture can make a huge difference to people in need. It provides the basics, such as socks, that so many of us take for granted. Socks are the least-donated, most-requested, item of clothing. They are essential for health and wellness. For many of the children who will receive socks through this program, it will be their first new item of clothing.

Thanks to LFCM for the video.


PhotoGallery Update: CSI:Miami "Look who's taunting"

You can find Emily Procter's screencaps of CSI:Miami season 10 episode 4 in the photogallery.

People's Choice Awards Update: Voting Time has started

This is our moment, I have found out the People's Choice Awards voting to nominate our 5 favorites has started today, a little early. What we have to do? Vote for the entire time we have for Emily Procter and CSI:Miami!

So, here is basically what we should do:

  • You write Emily Procter in the blank "Other" space, like I have done in the picture above. Remember to check it before writing or you won't be able to write inside. You can click on 4 of the other mentioned actresses if you like.
  • Click on "Cast your vote"
  • If you want to vote for CSI:Miami in the Favorite Tv Crime Drama category, go to http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=110025
  • You'll find this:

  • You have to do exactly the same as explained above, just write CSI:Miami.

I'll try to remind you of this every day for the time we have on every social network, hope to succeed in this little mission. I think it's time to give some back to our show and our Emily!

Emily Procter talks about "Socks for America" on WRAL

You can watch Emily talk about her involvement in "Socks For America"

Actress Emily Procter, a Raleigh native, talks with WRAL about "Socks for America," a program aiming to help children living below the poverty level.

original link

Remember to check Nononsense "Socks for America" Facebook Page


People Choice Awards - Voting for Emily Procter

The only Award which gives us the chance to vote for our idol is People's Choice Award and this year I'd like to see all of you voting for Emily Procter.

How this work:
The voting will start on October 19th, 2011 and there will be 12 names for each category plus a blank space, we won't know which names we will find until the voting starts but so far Emily has never been in the 12 names so what we should do is write her name in the blank space in the right category.
This first voting session, which should last till November will lead to the choice of five nominees, the five names which have got the most fan votes. Then we will start another voting session to pick up the winners that will be announced on the 11th of January 2012 in Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

We will know the categories and everything on Oct 19th, the starting day of the first voting session. I am asking you all, die hard Emily's fans, to write Emily Procter in the categories that will suit her. Last year we had Best Drama Actress and even Best Crime Fighter and we will have the chance to vote for CSI:Miami as best crime show and best drama!

Do you really want an award for Emily? Well, let's do this together!

We'll vote on People's Choice Awards site, clicking on the VOTE tab.


Emily Procter Official Message October 2011

Hey, y'all!

For more info about Socks for America go to http://www.facebook.com/nononsense


Emily Procter Birthday Project Video

You all have been great and the video of the little Web Mob we put up yesterday is ready.


Reminder: Emily Procter B-day Project 2011

Are we ready? I totally am and so can't wait to see all the pictures you are gonna post.

Just a little reminder about the project:

Tomorrow, Saturday October 8th, 2011, our Emily Procter celebrates her 43th birthday in all her beauty, and we, lovely and faithful fans will celebrate the great event.

Those who want to participate to the great party will have to post a picture of them selves holding a "Happy Birthday Emily!" sign on their favorite social network.
In the following days, as an happy reminder of our love, I'll post a video containing all the pictures. (Maybe we'll be able to show that to Em, who knows...)


if you post on:

  • TWITTER: TAG #EMILYPROCTER and mention @anawardforemily in your tweet; 
  • FACEBOOK: post it on AnAwardForEmily wall (like it!!!); 
  • TUMBLR: simply remember to tag Emily Procter;
It's important to follow these rules or I won't be able to find the pictures!!! 

Can't wait for a all-day-long Emilicious party!!!

And, I know you were all waiting for this moment (LOL), I am posting my picture here as a little example, follow your creativity though and SMILE! 

Me, Lusiana, or AnAwardForEmily in all my beauty (it's inside, believe me! LOL)
See you tomorrow!


All Fans for Emily Procter Birthday: Oct 8th, 2011

Emily's Birthday is on Saturday, aren't you all ready to celebrate? No? Well, I have come up with an idea so we can celebrate all together!

Emily Procter's 2011 Birthday Project

Not asking much. On Saturday I'd like all Emily's fans on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to simply take a picture of them selves holding a "Happy Birthday Emily!" sign and post it on their favorite social network.

But it's IMPORTANT that, if you post on:

  • TWITTER: TAG #EMILYPROCTER and mention @anawardforemily in your tweet;
  • FACEBOOK: post it on AnAwardForEmily  wall (like it!!!);
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THEN, I'll take all the pictures and put it on a video to post on youtube...our little chance to say Happy Birthday to Emily!!!
So, are you all in?
You want an example, right? I'll post my picture in these days. Can't wait to see all of yours on Saturday!!!

Emily Procter on The Talk

Emily will appear on CBS "The Talk" on Wednesday Oct 5th, 2011.

Check the official site for info on the show or how to get tickets to attend it.



Emily Procter: Pippa Has Her Own Fan Following

Emily Procter: Pippa Has Her Own Fan Following When Emily Procter and boyfriend Paul Bryan decided to name their now 9-month-old daughter Pippa, they thought they had spared her from having a common name. “As an Emily, anytime I’m in any sort of a giant store, I hear it 60 times and I never know if it was for me or someone else,” she tells PEOPLE. “We were thinking it would be really nice for her to have a name that’s not everywhere. When Pippa Middleton showed up, we realized we maybe picked a name that is more everywhere than Emily all of a sudden.” 
And much like her famous namesake, Pippa, who was born in December 2010, has developed a fan following of her own: mom’s coworkers on the set of CSI: Miami. 
“We have a crew that has a lot of children,” Procter, 43, says. “I’ll set her down for rehearsal and they’ll all watch her. It’s great to see these giant grip and electric dudes playing with a baby.”
Striking a balance between career and motherhood has come easy for Procter, who returned to the set only four weeks after giving birth, and has proven to be an exciting learning experience for her little one, as well.
“The first time I went back to work with her where she was sort of sitting up and present, she tried to pull my lashes off. She was very confused as to what I had on my face,” Procter jokes. “But now she’ll sit in my lap when I have my makeup put on. I feel like it’s a good experience for her because she gets to be around so many people and it’s interesting and she does enjoy it. She always seems very excited.” 
With her first birthday fast approaching, Pippa’s personality has also started to assert itself, sometimes to disastrous results. “She discovered how to unroll the toilet paper the other day,” Procter shares. “I had her on the floor in the bathroom and I’m getting ready and I know that everything is picked up and I think I’m totally safe and I turn around, and there is a big pile of toilet paper. And of course she’s trying to eat it.” 
“I absolutely just love it,” she adds. “It’s just such a fun thing to do, to be with her.” 
Her status as new mom also inspired Procter to partner with clothing manufacturer No nonsense to launch the Socks for America campaign, which aims to donate one million pairs of children’s socks to the charity Kids in Distressed Situations. 
“When I was in college, I had an after-school program with kids that were below the poverty line that I worked with, and I noticed with them that several of them never even had socks,” she says. “That was the first time I had experience with how important an item this is. I just felt like if I can be a part of a team that’s helping people, that is my goal just after becoming a mom. I’m really hoping that the message will get out there.” 

– Kiran Hefa source: celebritybabies.people

TV Guide: CSI: Miami Season 10: Will Marisol's Return Help Horatio Finally Move On?

CSI: Miami's 10th season premiere will find Horatio seeing ghosts.
Picking up from last season's cliff-hanger, Sunday's episode (10/9c, CBS) begins with Horatio (David Caruso) badly injured from a gunshot wound but still desperate to rescue Natalia (Eva La Rue), who's trapped inside the trunk of a car that's been pushed off the pier. But never fear: Horatio's deceased wife Marisol (Alana De La Garza) is on the job.

"We're really telling a story about how these predicaments affect these characters on a deep, personal level," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells TVGuide.com. "Our premiere has Horatio Caine in a very surprising, but very revelatory, encounter with Marisol. It is a very personal encounter that gives him inspiration and insight into his predicament and ultimately how that predicament resolves."

More importantly, Horatio's vision may finally help him say goodbye to Marisol. "He is able for the first time to deal with and perhaps process that intimate and devastating loss in his life," O'Brien says. "Horatio is in that phase where, as closure is happening, all sorts of powerful emotions rise to the surface, and there's also ... an opportunity for transition, for moving on."

Moving forward in life may be a theme for multiple CSIs, this season. Calleigh, whose portrayer Emily Procter was sidelined for a part of Season 9 because of pregnancy, will begin searching for fulfillment outside of the crime lab by considering starting her own family.

"We're sort of playing with the maternal instincts and a sense of journey for Calleigh," O'Brien says. "She's looking for what may be more of a complete life for her. She does have a very tender interaction with a child ... and they're brought together in a very intimate, tender way. It certainly opens her eyes to a deeper sense of what's out there for her."

Consequently, Calleigh may give a second look at resuming her hot-and-cold relationship with Delko (Adam Rodriguez). "They work together in such an intimate fashion, and they've had such a history together," O'Brien says. "You see the power and depth of their feelings toward each other. The door is open, and we see them step through just a bit. They're certainly examining the possibility of what their future holds, and we might see them taking just a few more steps together."

Natalia's season won't be as cheery. After surviving a number of brushes with death last season, Natalia will be a bit shaky. "It has a profound impact on her," O'Brien says. "You'll see her look for support from the team around her as she gets her legs back underneath her and regains her confidence. [CSIs'] instincts have to be sharp, and Natalia has a little bit of a distance to travel to get back to that place."

Indeed, all of the team members will have to be on their A-game when they have to reconstruct a crime scene that has been shattered and scattered by a tornado. And the team will have to help a female Mexican police chief who flees to Miami to prevent a drug cartel from murdering her family.

But perhaps this season's most disturbing story is that of a depraved serial killer whose terror spree is able to continue because of his father's deep pockets. 24's Carlos Bernard will recur as the patriarch of this rich family who will taunt Horatio all season long.

"There will be a very high-octane relationship between the two," O'Brien says. "A hero is only as heroic as his opposition is deadly, so we're really going to go there with this character.

"We're going to discover that over the course of the season that they may be pulling a lot more strings politically than meets the eye," O'Brien continues."That will be a driving theme through Season 10 — that Horatio may not completely understand the face of evil that is facing him. ... Horatio's fight for justice might just get compromised."

CSI: Miami premieres Sunday at 10/9c on CBS.

CSI:Miami tonight: 10.01 Season 10 premiere


Natasha Henstridge ("Species") Returns as Agent Renee Locklear 

Alana De La Garza Returns as Horatio’s Late Wife, Marisol Caine 

"Countermeasures" — Horatio and Natalia’s lives hang in the balance, as Horatio stands between Natalia and certain death. Meanwhile, it’s a race against time for the team to capture escaped killer Jack Toller before he kills again, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, Sept. 25 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Natasha Henstridge ("Species") returns as Agent Renee Locklear and Alana De La Garza returns as Horatio’s late wife, Marisol Caine. 

Horatio Caine………..David Caruso 
Calleigh Duquesne…..Emily Procter 
Eric Delko…………...Adam Rodriguez 
Ryan Wolfe………….Jonathan Togo 
Det. Frank Tripp…….Rex Linn 
Natalia Boa Vista……Eva La Rue 
Walter Simmons……..Omar Miller 

Agent Renee Locklear........ Natasha Henstridge 
Jack Toller.......................... Callum Keith Rennie 
Randy North....................... Ethan Embry 
Marisol Caine..................... Alana De La Garza 
Leo Kendry........................ Mark Hengst 
Melanie Garland................. Rachel Brosnahan 
Ricky Galindo..................... Will Rothhaar 
Austin North....................... Maxim Knight 
Doctor................................ Brian Ibsen 
Nurse................................. June Carryl 
Register Clerk..................... Miguel Perez 
Toller’s Mother................... Eileen Grubba 
Young Jack Toller............... Shane Roney 
Female Reporter................. Dana Ward 
Male News Anchor............ Eliott Rodriguez 
EMT.................................. Chris Judd 

 Marc Dube & Barry O'Brien 

Source: CBS

Taken from: SpoilerTV 



Chris Redman: Michael Travers and so much more - Interview

by Lusiana Maggiore
AnAwardForEmily has had the pleasure to have a nice chat (via email) with Christopher Redman, best known by CSI:Miami fanatics as Micheal Travers, British lab tech and often comic relief on the show. A few questions for him and he has found the time to answer them back for us, we'll know how CSI:Miami cast spend their long hours on the set and everything Chris is working on, because, believe me, even if he is not always on the show, he knows how to keep himself busy! And we'll see in some good thing...

Has your life somehow changed after you've been cast in CSI:Miami?
-I've never been on a show with such a devoted fan base! It feels great to be a part of the CSI family and to know how many people enjoy the show. Interacting with fans has been really fun.

 How is life on the CSI:Miami set? Funny and relaxed like everyone says?
- The days on the set are very relaxed for the most part. Everyone is so comfortable with each other, we can all just be ourselves and get to the work. The hours can be long so cast and crew definitely like to keep it easy and joke around a little, play music and face-off in online Scrabble.

Are you working on some projects, aside CSI:Miami?
-Yeah! Because Travers is only in every other episode ( or so) I have time to work on other films and shows. I'll be in an episode of Rizzoli And Isles on TNT airing in October and a film called The Big Year also in October with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson where I play a birdwatcher on his honeymoon.....in the arctic. Small part but so much fun. I also like to do a lot of writing and painting...but that's just for my own sanity.

How is it to work with Emily Procter?
-Emily is always so warm and lovely to work with. I wish she came into my lab more! She is very funny in real life and such a talented actor, I know it'll be a hoot if she's coming in.

We have seen Travers is in some episodes of the new season, what can we expect?
-Well, without giving away too much, let's just say I get a gun and a badge. ( pause) I'm kidding. More fun in the lab, helping the gang out with my sizable brain and a few classic Travers british-isms for good measure. The writer's are tapping into his sense of humour more, which I love.

 Your favorite CSI:Miami episode?
- Well, my favorite to shoot is a toss up between "Dissolved" because I got to go outside!! That one and the episode where I quote the Lord Byron poem to Horatio was pretty hilarious.

 A big thanks again to Chris for being so nice to his fans, we wish him the best for his career and, well, can't wait to see him back on CSI:Miami Sunday Sept 25th on CBS for the season 10 premiere. See you all there!



Sunday 9/18 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT on CBS: Go behind the scenes of Sunday nights' line-up including The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and CSI: Miami!
FALL PREMIERE SHOW - 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT Welcome to the Fall Premiere Show! You don't want to miss all the interviews with your favorite CBS actors, behind the scenes features, and "first look" glimpses into this Fall's line-up! Tune in tonight at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT as host Ashley Hartman gets you ready for the new Fall season here on CBS!

Elle.com: Celebrity Sorority Sisters - Emily Procter

Emily Procter

 When Emily Procter attended East Carolina University—Sandra Bullock’s alma mater—she tried to join the theater department but was told she didn’t have what it takes to be an actress. So the future CSI: Miami star became a journalism major and joined Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for college women. Another Southern belle who pledged ADPi is CNN’s Nancy Grace (Valdosta State). While at VSU, Grace became engaged to Keith Griffin, a star on the school’s baseball team whose random murder inspired Grace to practice law. Grace’s CNN colleague Judy Woodruff is also her sorority sister (from Duke), as is Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Carol Shields (Hanover College).

link to original

CSI:Miami Adam Rodriguez and Emily Procter BTS picture

(click on the image for a bigger version in the gallery)

Here is a behind the scene picture of what should be the end of the Season 10 premiere, airing Sept 25th, 10pm on CBS.

Thanks to @Theitgirlonline


CSI:Miami Season 10 premiere CTV promo

An extended CTV promo has been added to the videogallery.

CSI:Miami premiere Sept 25th, 10 pm, on CBS.


Big Fail for CBS site, someone's forgotten Emily Procter!

Fans all over the world are horrified, where is Emily? CBS has launched CSI:Miami new page on their official site , you go to the cast list and...

Yeah, where is Emily? 
Fans are surely not happy about that. After a season of CSI:Miami catching a few glimpses of the series leading lady, due to her pregnancy, "Emilicious fans" have been itching all Summer waiting for the 10th season milestone to have, at last, Calleigh Duquesne back to her second-in-command spot next to Horatio Caine. 
Well, nothing against Eva LaRue, whose talent has been shining in Emily's absence, but fans where surely not happy to see Natalia BoaVista's smiling at them from Calleigh's ten-year place.
Twitter has been buzzing and even summertime quite TalkCSI is advancing some theories, is this an unwanted spoiler or just a mistake?
We surely hope for a mistake and wait patiently for CBS explanation about what happened. After ten-year on command this is absolutely not the proper way to treat our Southern Bullet girl...and fans are screaming for respect!

What do you think?

(post your comments below!)


NoNonsense Campaign: Emily Procter's involvement official release

New Mom Recognizes Importance of Helping Families and Children in Need


CSI:Miami Premiere Emily Procter Promotional Picture

The picture has been added to the CSI:Miami Season 10 album in the gallery.


Gallery Update: CSI:Miami Season 10 BTS

New pictures have been added to the CSI:Miami Season 10 BTS album.


Eva LaRue twits new picture from the set

Eva LaRue twitpicture from the set:

Eva LaRue, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eric Winter.
The picture has been added to the Season 10 "behind the scenes" photoalbum in the gallery.


A quick chat with CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter

Emily Procter will remember the latest series of CSI: Miami for the rest of her life. The 42-year-old actress, who plays the Florida crime lab’s ballistics specialist Calleigh Duquesne, was pregnant while filming the ninth season of the long-running show and gave birth to her first child, Pippa, in January.

The crime drama returns to Channel 5 on Tuesday, July 26 in the midst of the deadly gas attack that left Calleigh and her colleagues fighting for their lives. As Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso, races to their rescue,TV&Satellite Week magazine asked Emily what the rest of the series holds in store...

Mega Buzz: Miami's Mommy

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

Have you gotten any new information about Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? — Mary
Nothing new to report on the relationship front, but I can promise that you'll see Calleigh out in the field much more now that Emily Procter is no longer pregnant. Her maternal instincts will come in handy when Calleigh forms a strong bond with the rescued children of a wanted fugitive in the season premiere. In fact, the word adoption will come up.

To


Eva LaRue posts picture from CSI:Miami set with Emily Procter and David Caruso

First day back and first little treat by CSI:Miami stars...

Feels like the first dayback at school!!

This pictures starts the Season 10 BTS album on our Photogallery.


TV Choice Magazine - Interview Extra - CSI:Miami Emily Procter

As CSI: Miami returns, Emily Procter, who plays Detective Calleigh Duquesne, tells TV Choice how she’s juggling her time between being a mother and an actress. She also reflects on the ninth series, which begins with one of the forensic team dying from a lethal gas attack, and Lt Horatio Crane (David Caruso) trying to track down a serial killer…

How are you coping with being a mother and an actress? Do you take your seven-month-old daughter Pippa on set with you?

Yes, I went right back to work and she came with me and that was very difficult because she was so new, and I think I was really insane. I was like [puts on a manic voice] ‘I feel fine!’ But it’s going to be interesting to take her now because we’re getting ready for season 10, and she’s bigger and can sort of toddle around and engage with people, so I’m excited to see how she likes it.

Memmo Fierro, who murdered Horatio’s wife, appears in episode four of this series. Is that one of the standout stories?

One of the things that I think is really fun about our show is that it has this comic book undertone. We’re able to have these villains that last for seasons. So Memmo is sort of a presence throughout season nine and even into season 10. He’s a bad guy.

Do you have a favourite villain?

We had a bad guy for many years, who was Clavo Cruz and he eventually died, but we all loved Clavo so much. It was also very painful when Sergeant Rick Stetler left, but we do get quite attached to our bad guys.

The stories are pretty intense, so do they ever upset you?

They used to really upset me. I had a very difficult time when I first started and I thought, ‘I’m not going to make it because the subject matter is so gruesome.’ But over time, we’ve developed such a jokey rapport with one another, we just end up laughing and the people who come on to play the dead bodies are great sports. So we just end up having an atmosphere that’s fun, and that helps — you don’t really think of the truth of it.

Do you do your own stunts?

I do. In fact, I love to do my own stunts. I have a stunt girl I work with called Nancy and sometimes when I make them nervous they call Nancy in.

What’s been your most difficult stunt?

Definitely the episode Going Under, when I was swimming around in a Hummer. The crew said, ‘Let’s take 10 minutes and teach Emily how to scuba dive.’ So in 10 minutes they taught me how to scuba dive and it’s something that I’m so thankful to learn, because I love it. I can understand why people want to be stunt artists.

Do you have real life police officers saying you’re an inspiration?

Oh God, no — that would be highly doubtful. We do have a lot of officers on set, and I love hearing their stories. It’s such a sacrifice that kind of work, for the loss of innocence alone. It’s a sacrifice, and they’re just interesting — very admirable I think. I think they do care about people’s safety, and that’s amazing.

You’re a fan of Eighties music, and your boyfriend and Pippa’s father, Paul Bryan, is a musician and producer. 
Do you have similar tastes?

I’m looking at our record collection now, and we segment it off. The one band we both tend to enjoy is Rush, but my side is Van Halen and Rush, and his side is Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington. We met through the singer songwriter Aimee Mann — she’s great. Paul plays with her and produced her last couple of albums and she and I knew each other, so she introduced us.

David Collins

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Emmy Magazine - CSI:Miami FYC Ad

Emmy Magazine - CSI:Miami FYC Ad
Issue No 3, 2011


Emily featured in WebMD June issue.

Emily is featured on WebMD June issue, we have already read the article and seen the pictures but why loose a chance to see her beautiful face from time to time? 

Emily Procter's Greeting from North Carolina

Emily left us a nice greeting card on her site, looks like she is having fun!

Hey y'all I hope everyone is having a great summer! Pippa and I are loving being home in North Carolina with family and enjoying lots of tomato sandwiches. Big love, Emily.


Emily Procter Investigates New Motherhood

The 'CSI: Miami' star talks about bringing little Pippa on the set, her quirky choice of lullabies, and why motherhood is 'the best thing I've ever done.'
By Stephanie Watson
WebMD the Magazine - Feature
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Don't expect Emily Procter to be the sort of celebrity mom who slips straight from the delivery room into her size 0 jeans. Since daughter Pippa (short for Philippa) was born in early December, the CSI: Miami star has had far bigger priorities to focus on than her pants size.

Right now, the 42-year-old actor sees no reason to get super skinny. "I think, 'For who?' Not for your child. Your child's not looking at you and going, 'Mmmm, I love a clavicle. Let me nestle into that,'" she giggles, the hint of a North Carolina twang floating through her laughter.



CSI:Miami "Mayday" BTS video and Press Release

 A BTS video of the episode can be found in the video-gallery.

Air Date: Sunday, May 08, 2011
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#922) "Mayday"


Natasha Henstridge ("Species") Guest Stars as Agent Renee Locklear
"Mayday" - After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway, on the ninth season finale of CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, May 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Natasha Henstridge ("Species") guest stars as Agent Renee Locklear.

Horatio Caine...........David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne.....Emily Procter
Eric Delko...............Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe.............Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp.......Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista......Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons........Omar Miller

Dr. Tom Loman.........Christian Clemenson

Jack Toller.......................Callum Keith Rennie
Agent Renee Locklear...... .......Natasha Henstridge
Kaylee Anderson.............Cassi Thomson
Randy North..................Ethan Embry
Marcel Largos.................Haaz Sleiman
Allen Hillington...............Michael Dempsey
Bernard Ashcroft..............Mark Hengst
Captain Adam Winston......Bo Kane
Judge Ebersol..................Richard Cox
Flight Crewman...............Austin Priester
MDPD Officer................De' Leon
Desk Clerk.....................Adrian Quinonez
First Officer...................Adam John Harrington
Caroline Summers............Jaime Hodges

WRITTEN BY: Marc Dube & Barry O'Brien

RATING: To Be Announced


Every day is Mother's Day for Emily Procter of 'CSI: Miami'

By Kate O'Hare, Zap2It | May 4, 2011

CBS' hit forensic crime drama "CSI: Miami" ends its ninth season on Sunday, May 8, which, for star Emily Procter, also happens to be the first Mother's Day she will celebrate as a mom instead of just a daughter.

Early last December, Procter, 42, and boyfriend Paul Bryan became the parents of daughter Philippa Frances, called Pippa, the product of a natural pregnancy that came as a welcome surprise after rounds of fertility treatments (and, according to Procter, was heralded by a dream in which a nurse told her she was pregnant).


CSI:Miami "G.O." Extended Promo and Press Release

Extended Preview

Air Date: Sunday, May 01, 2011
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#921) "G.O."


Mega Buzz: A CSI: Miami Romance

What's the deal with Calleigh and Delko onCSI: Miami? Should we give up hope on ever seeing them together again? — Megan
 Nope. Co-executive producer Barry O'Brien says their cooling-off period this season was necessitated by Emily Procter's real-life pregnancy.  "It was a little bit of a detour, a little bit of a left turn," he says. "But... we know those kind of feelings don't just go away ... They may be made for each other." Hope restored, Megan?

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CSI:Miami "Paint it Black" Promo and Press Release

CSI:Miami 9x20 - Paint it Black - Promo (videogallery)


"Paint It Black" — When the CSIs find a co-ed dead in a hot tub, they investigate a case marked by jealousy, psychosis and college roommates, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, April 17 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.



CSI:Miami "Caged" Extended Promo and Press Release

"Caged" Extended Promo


Christopher Titus ("Titus") Guest Stars as a Powerful Arena Owner

"Caged" — Horatio protects a mixed martial arts fighter from his brother who recently escaped prison, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, April 10 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Christopher Titus ("Titus") guest stars as a powerful arena owner.


Emily on KMVQ-FM

Emily Procter with Maria
Maria spoke with CSI Miami's own Emily Procter about tonight's episode where the love of her and another CSI comes full circle and what it was like to work with Puff Daddy. Emily also gives us some tips how she wears white around all those crime scenes


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Parade Magazine: Emily Procter in No Rush to Lose Baby Weight

In these exclusive extras from PARADE's March 6 cover story, CSI: Miami's Emily Procter talks about filming her hit show while pregnant and gives the scoop on the baby shower her co-stars threw for her.

Emily's Parade Magazine Interview: A Mother's Journey

Emily Procter and her partner, music producer Paul Bryan, are squinting intently at the perfect face of their baby daughter, Philippa Frances. It’s not just that the couple is infatuated with tiny Pippa, as she’s known. They’re also trying to answer the question that always preoccupies new parents: Whom does she look like?

Emily presents little Pippa on ET - video


Exclusive: CSI: Miami's Emily Procter Welcomes a Baby Girl

The CSI: Miami family has a new member! Emily Procter, who plays crime scene investigator Calleigh Duquesne, welcomed daughter Pippa in early December. It's the first child for Procter and her boyfriend, musician Paul Bryan.

A slightly tired, but excited, Procter returned to work on January 19, just in time for co-star Adam Rodriguez's directing debut. "I wouldn't have missed it," Procter told TV Guide Magazine on set. "In a way it fits that my first day back is Adam's first time directing because I felt like he genuinely wanted me to have a healthy baby. He wanted me to be happy, and I wish the same for him. I think that's what you get after nine years together. It's that genuine want for each other to be happy."

Rodriguez could not be more thrilled to welcome a new member to the gang. "We're so happy for Emily," he told TV Guide Magazine. "This is something I know she's wanted for a long time. She's got the right guy in her life and it was the right time for her, and it's so great when you get to see somebody be able to have it all. She's just really got it all together."

Procter, whose pregnancy has not been incorporated into the show, will only be written out for one week. She returns to the lab in the episode slated for March 13 entitled "Hunting Ground."