People Choice Awards - Voting for Emily Procter

The only Award which gives us the chance to vote for our idol is People's Choice Award and this year I'd like to see all of you voting for Emily Procter.

How this work:
The voting will start on October 19th, 2011 and there will be 12 names for each category plus a blank space, we won't know which names we will find until the voting starts but so far Emily has never been in the 12 names so what we should do is write her name in the blank space in the right category.
This first voting session, which should last till November will lead to the choice of five nominees, the five names which have got the most fan votes. Then we will start another voting session to pick up the winners that will be announced on the 11th of January 2012 in Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

We will know the categories and everything on Oct 19th, the starting day of the first voting session. I am asking you all, die hard Emily's fans, to write Emily Procter in the categories that will suit her. Last year we had Best Drama Actress and even Best Crime Fighter and we will have the chance to vote for CSI:Miami as best crime show and best drama!

Do you really want an award for Emily? Well, let's do this together!

We'll vote on People's Choice Awards site, clicking on the VOTE tab.

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