Reminder: Emily Procter B-day Project 2011

Are we ready? I totally am and so can't wait to see all the pictures you are gonna post.

Just a little reminder about the project:

Tomorrow, Saturday October 8th, 2011, our Emily Procter celebrates her 43th birthday in all her beauty, and we, lovely and faithful fans will celebrate the great event.

Those who want to participate to the great party will have to post a picture of them selves holding a "Happy Birthday Emily!" sign on their favorite social network.
In the following days, as an happy reminder of our love, I'll post a video containing all the pictures. (Maybe we'll be able to show that to Em, who knows...)


if you post on:

  • TWITTER: TAG #EMILYPROCTER and mention @anawardforemily in your tweet; 
  • FACEBOOK: post it on AnAwardForEmily wall (like it!!!); 
  • TUMBLR: simply remember to tag Emily Procter;
It's important to follow these rules or I won't be able to find the pictures!!! 

Can't wait for a all-day-long Emilicious party!!!

And, I know you were all waiting for this moment (LOL), I am posting my picture here as a little example, follow your creativity though and SMILE! 

Me, Lusiana, or AnAwardForEmily in all my beauty (it's inside, believe me! LOL)
See you tomorrow!

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