All Fans for Emily Procter Birthday: Oct 8th, 2011

Emily's Birthday is on Saturday, aren't you all ready to celebrate? No? Well, I have come up with an idea so we can celebrate all together!

Emily Procter's 2011 Birthday Project

Not asking much. On Saturday I'd like all Emily's fans on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to simply take a picture of them selves holding a "Happy Birthday Emily!" sign and post it on their favorite social network.

But it's IMPORTANT that, if you post on:

  • TWITTER: TAG #EMILYPROCTER and mention @anawardforemily in your tweet;
  • FACEBOOK: post it on AnAwardForEmily  wall (like it!!!);
  • TUMBLR: simply remember to tag Emily Procter;
THEN, I'll take all the pictures and put it on a video to post on youtube...our little chance to say Happy Birthday to Emily!!!
So, are you all in?
You want an example, right? I'll post my picture in these days. Can't wait to see all of yours on Saturday!!!

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