Lamont and Tonelli - Emily Procter Interview 09-21-09

CSI: Miami star Emily Procter called in this morning to tell us how excited she is for the season premiere of her show tonight.


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Is It the End of the Road for CSI:Miami's Eric and Calleigh?

Sunday, September 20, 2009
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Is It the End of the Road for CSI:Miami's Eric and Calleigh?


Just how much damage did the bullet that CSI:Miami's Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) fired in the show's Season 7 finale do to Calleigh's relationship with lover-partner Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez)?

The good news: Delko may be aimlessly wandering the Everglades, but
at least he's alive. That comes as a relief to fans who feared the
worst when it was announced that Rodriguez would leave the show this season. And it's a relief to Rodriguez as well.
"Because of how the season ended, I didn't want to leave it on that
note," Rodriguez tells TVGuide.com. "I felt that would be cheating the
fans. So we discussed making sure that I was participatory in Season 8
so that we could fade the character out the right way and give him a
proper exit.
"I feel like Eric Delko has gone through so many ups and downs and
has had such a great journey on the show," he says. "There will be
resolution with Eric and Calleigh, and it will be a nice, slow exit. I
think people will be happy with the way it all ends."

That leaves only the bad news: Calleigh will be a bit of an ice
queen before coming to that resolution. "Eric and Calleigh have many,
many scenes to do together, but realistically, at the moment there
hasn't been any closure," Procter says. "She's definitely facing an
internal struggle. I think that's going to be very difficult. She is
saying publicly that she doesn't care, but she cares very much and it's
very difficult. But she's also such a straight arrow, and I think she
believes she was just following protocol."
The premiere episode divides its focus on the cliff-hanger
resolution and a flashback to 1997. In addition to learning just how
Horatio (David Caruso) came by his iconic shades, viewers will also see
how the Miami CSIs first came together. "You see everyone's enthusiasm
for when they first got the job, and hopefully people will be able to
notice how we've subtly changed," Procter says. "I think it's easy with
a procedural to think people don't have that much arc to their
character, but I'm hoping that [the audience will see] that we do."
The flashback also provides the introduction of new cast member Eddie Cibrian. As L.A. Detective Jessie Cardoza, Cibrian swings into Miami
for Season 8, which could pose its own share of problems for
Calleighko. "It turns out they met on Calleigh's first day at the Miami
Dade Police Department," Procter says. "He was on his way out as she
was on her way in. So they have this old, established friendship at
this point, and I think their characters are very easy with one another.

"But who knows?" Procter adds when asked if that friendship could turn into romance. "It's CSI:Miami
and it's Calleigh Duquesne, so anything can happen!" In other, possibly
related news, the actress adds that we will see a shirtless Cibrian
this season.
Cibrian isn't the only new face on the show this season. Boston Legal's Christian Clemenson joins the cast as a medical examiner and, according to Procter, Omar Benson Miller's
Walter Simmons will force the CSIs to do more science and research
instead of relying on databases. "[The new characters] add a lot of
life to what we're doing," Procter says.
Also visiting the show this season, during November sweeps, will be CSI's
Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne). Langston will visit all
three shows in the franchise while working on a case, but Procter has
her own thoughts about his true motives for coming to Miami. "I'm sure
it's Calleigh Duquesne!" she says. "He's heard she's single and he has
to be headed over for a little of that. If I were sitting at the poker
table, that's where I'd put my money."

CSI:Miami returns Monday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c on CBS.


CSI: SheKnows

CSI: SheKnows

Joel D Amos

Emily Procter is many things to different audiences. For millions, she is the face of the right wing on The West Wing. To those millions, and millions more, she is the woman at the heart of CBS’s monster hit, CSI: Miami.

SheKnows sat down with the star on the eve November sweeps and Procter promised a CSI: Miami month to remember.
Emily and David Caruso take aim on another season of CSI: Miami
was born in North Carolina and her Southern Belle accent is hard to
miss. She’s unassuming, glamorous and immensely talented. Her film
resume includes Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage and Jerry Maguire alongside Tom Cruise. There is an unspoken charm to Procter that lingers long after the interview concluded.
Her work on television has made her a household name. Procter answers all our CSI: Miami and West Wing questions as well as letting us in on the secrets to staying stunning under the Miami heat.

Procter's proud resume

SheKnows: Thanks for taking some time with SheKnows today.

Emily Procter: Oh, absolutely - although, I don’t know if I’m qualified (laughs).

SheKnows: (Laughing) Oh, I’d say you are! First of all for me personally, it’s such a pleasure to speak with you.
Emily Proctor kisses David Schwimmer in Breast MenEmily Procter: It is so nice of you to say that.

It’s been great to watch your career over the years. To see you finding
such success in such varied characters. For you, has that been the key
to your success and longevity?

Emily Procter:
You know, the entertainment business is so odd. I’ve always say that
more often than not, it’s not what people are capable of doing, but
what people allow one to do. I feel like I have hit the lottery twice
with West Wing and CSI: Miami because they are both
such different women. But, they are both such strong women. That has
been a tremendous joy. And sprinkled here and there I’ve been other
fun, challenging things. I loved Breast Men.

SheKnows: Yes, with David Schwimmer. That's a good movie!

Emily Procter:
Yeah, that was great. Even in really small parts over the years that
have me with people who have such an artistic way of looking at things
- I feel that I have been really lucky. Who knows how that happens (laughs)?

CSI: Miami vs. West Wing: a tale of two tales

SheKnows: Was there any difference with the two shows you've most recently starred in? West Wing was already an established show when you joined the cast, whereas CSI: Miami was a new show.

Emily Procter: When I joined West Wing, my very first day, they broke before my first close up so they could congratulate everyone on the Emmys they had just won (laughs).

SheKnows: Oh, boy. What a way to start!

Emily Procter: I know! CSI: Miami
was terrifying in a different way because we were a spin-off. I think
we felt a lot of pressure trying to live up to a show (original CSI), that
really is the way it is because of chemistry. You can’t recreate that.
All of us were sort of frozen. It’s a different style of acting than
any of us had done before. How do we put our own personality into it?
The first year was really hard. Before the first show aired, we were
all, ‘it’s nice working with you.’ (laughs) Then we got some
ratings. The whole first year at any moment we expected to not be at
work the next day. The second year we settled down. In hindsight, I
like the way that it’s played out because I don’t think we really hit
our stride until the end of season four (laughs).

SheKnows: Sometimes, shows get some serious legs around season four or five. Look at 24. And then they go on for 10 more seasons, like NYPD Blue, you never know.

Emily Procter:
If we’re still going six, seven years from now, we’re all going to need
knee replacements because we’re always bending down to pick things up
and stuff (laughs).

SheKnows: I would think so at all those crime scenes, you’re always squatting or kneeling. It’s worse than football players.
Emily Procter: (laughs) That’s great!

Miami heat

SheKnows: Now, do you film much in Miami?
Emily Procter:
We spend about a quarter of the time there. It’s sort of become this
thing where we all want to go and they don’t want us to go because I
don’t think we’re professional enough when we’re in Miami (laughs).

SheKnows: It is a fun town.

Emily Procter: (laughs) Oh, my gosh yes.

I wondered because Miami is known for its heat. And you just look so
gorgeous day in and day out, is there any secrets to that?

Emily Procter:
Yes, it’s a SWAT Team of beauty - people with aerosol misters and hair
brushes and lip liners. I always say to the hair people, ‘just one day
I’d like to wake up and already have you people in my bathroom.’

Political Proctor

SheKnows: I wanted to ask about you joining West Wing.
It wasn’t simply this great actress, Emily Proctor, joining that show.
You brought a new voice to it as well – the right wing. Did you get a
lot of response from that side of the political aisle for taking on a
Republican character on a left-leaning show?

Emily Procter:
What I personally loved about that, that I wished was happening in our
current politics, is that it showed respect for the rainbow of
politics. I really loved it. I loved the show for doing that. I got a
lot of people asking my opinion of politics which are very different
than Ainsley’s. That was also what made it so fun to play. I was
watching the debates this year and I thought America – I love America –
now is the time where we really need to unite and stand together and
grow. I wish people were more respectful of each other’s sides so we
can figure out how these problems can be fixed.

Because you are someone who is so active in various causes including
animal and environmental ones,  there certainly seems to be an
excitement about getting involved right now.

Emily Procter: It’s so fun, isn’t it? I love it!

SheKnows: Is that encouraging for you, someone who’s been active all along.

Emily Procter:
I think it’s cyclical. As a society we check out from one another and
now we’re checking back in because we’re being forced to look at all
these issues. What I love is to have so much company, to have everyone
be so interested. I voted yesterday and it was so nice. I had the day
off. I voted by absentee ballot because you never know with
entertainment if you’ll have enough time. I am loving voting this year.
I went out to breakfast with a whole group and we discussed the
propositions and we all voted. We checked each other’s dots to make
sure things were filled in properly. It's really fun to have everyone
so vested in our country.

SheKnows: Many people taking the day off.

Emily Procter: What are you going to do? Does SheKnows have you working ?

SheKnows: Sure, but I will definitely have time to vote and wear the I Voted sticker with pride all day.

Emily Procter: Ah, it’s so fun. I just love it.

Nothing but sunshine

SheKnows: Did I read somewhere that you had a sting as a weather girl?

Emily Procter:
I did! I started in journalism. When I was in college, I was nineteen.
I had the weekend weather spot. Then I got into reporting. I just
thought, I don’t have the constitution for it. I can’t cover murder all
day long.

SheKnows: What do you have coming up acting-wise?

Emily Procter: I have a little independent movie coming up called Barry Munday.
It’s in post-production right now. My character is very different than
anything I’ve done for the last ten years. I did get to make out with
everybody in the movie.

SheKnows: Not too shabby, depending on the co-stars.

Emily Procter: That’s what I thought. You know, Patrick Wilson’s wonderful. He was really great. Colin Hanks is in it too.

SheKnows: There are worse ways to spend your days. Emily, this has been a treat. Thank you so much for your time.

Emily Procter: You’re so nice and thank you for saying such kind things about my career. That’s really generous of you.

SheKnows: Hopefully we will reconnect again in the future.
Emily Procter: I hope so too. I’m excited for November 4.

SheKnows: Well happy Election Day to you. It’ll be a fourth to remember.

Emily Procter: I’m going to quote you on that. I really will!

Emily Procter: Guns, Nail Guns, and Blueprints – oh my!

Emily Procter: Guns, Nail Guns,

and Blueprints – oh my!

Detective Calleigh Duquesne may be an intense, gun-toting ballistics expert on “CSI: Miami,” but in real life, Emily Procter
is a charitable, sweet Southern belle, with a passion for interior
design. In between 12-hour days filming the forensic science drama and
a mix of other appearances, the native North Carolinian sets aside time
for volunteer work for homeless programs and organizations such as
Habitat for Humanity, which has garnered the celebrity support from
stars such as: Alec Baldwin, Julie Bowen, Sarah Carter, Snoop
Dogg, Jared Leto, Kristin Cavalleri, Rachael Harris, Paige Hemmis, Joel
Madden, Sharon Stone, Kanye West
, and many others.
“When Habitat for Humanity asked me to be a part of [their
homebuilding cause], I said, ‘Yes’,” the actress/interior designer, who
has always made volunteering part of her routine, stated emphatically.
In an exclusive interview with CelebrityEverything.com, Procter chatted
up guns, “CSI: Miami” scoops (season 7 premiere is Sept. 22), volunteer
work, her workouts, and hot kisses on the set!
Q: What was it about Habitat for Humanity that drew you to support it? Was it because of your interest in construction?
E: I think for me, I have a love of building and faith. I have
always felt that if everyone had a calm and peaceful and loving
environment, the world would be a different place. It’s been one of my
primary interests for years. What I love about Habitat is that it’s a
group of people making good shelter for someone else, and I just think
it’s a loving thing to do.
And I certainly have a love for power tools. I remember the
Christmas my parents said, ‘What do you want?’ and I said, ‘I really
want a Snake Light!’ and they said, ‘Is that a flashlight?’ I said, ‘It
is!’ And it’s grown from there.
Q: Did you get the volunteer inspiration from your mom?
E: I love that my parents raised me in an environment where
volunteer work was part of a weekly routine. It feels so good. I think
if people have never done anything like that, they think the person
doing it is doing something nice, but I almost think there’s more
reward in having someone letting you love them like that. It’s such an
Q: What’s going on with Detective Calleigh Duquesne this upcoming season?
E: I have to say there’s a bit more romance – the triangle between Det. Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth) and Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez)
and Calleigh deepens a little bit. There’s also a lot of heavy duty gun
work so far. I was like, ‘Whew! I need to do some pushups before I pick
up that one’ But it’s a fun show, and we have a really good time.
Q: Did anything funny happen off-camera so far this season?
E: There’s a scene in our opening show where Adam Rodriguez and I are tearing towards the tarmac because Horatio (David Caruso)
has been killed, and I asked Adam if he’d like to drive because we all
take turns driving the Hummer. Adam wears glasses, but he doesn’t have
the best vision, for lack of a better way to put it, and during the
first take we were tearing up, I was like damn Adam, that was close!
And he said, ‘I’ll be honest with you, I can’t really see.’ I was like,
‘Why is he driving? Why is he driving?’ (laughs) So life imitates art
and art imitates life.
Q: You have quite the hottie to have a romantic fling on the show, no?
E: I know and I’m very, very lucky! Not only is Adam good looking
and I get to pretend he’s my boyfriend, but he has a tiny puppy at work
this year, so I get to play with the puppy. He lures it over me,
because he has another dog already and says, ‘You know Emily, if the
new dog doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll give it to you’ so everyday, I
ask, ‘Am I going to get the dog?’ He’ll say, ‘I don’t know, it’s
working out today!’ He teases me with the dog.
Q: Are you single in real life?
E: I have been dating someone for the past couple of years. I always
keep it under wraps. I never talk about him. He lives out here with me,
but he does something entirely different than [acting].
Q: Do you go to ranges and shoot firearms for training on “CSI”?
E: I trained through the sheriff’s department, but now I shoot so
much at work, that it’s very easy to keep up with it. I was originally
shooting with a Mack 10 and it was a really heavy, big gun. But we have
a new A.D. on our set, and it’s their job to make sure there are no
accidents or problems, and he said, ‘Emily we’re going to be shooting
this,’ and he was being really careful, because I’m considerably more
girly than Calleigh in real life, so he was very nervous. So then I
just walked up and fired a bunch of rounds and he said, ‘OK, I guess
you got it!’
Q: Do you have a favorite gun to shoot?
E: I like the gun that I carry at work because it has multiple cases
on it, so there couldn’t really be an accident. It’s a nice weight and
I think it handles nicely. These are things I never expected to have a
conversation about (laughs)!
Q: What do you do for workouts?
E: In college I was a dance minor, and after 10 years off, I’ve gone
back to dancing and I’m so happy. It’s such a great, fun workout! I
just love it. I do hip-hop dance. I did ballet before, but I thought
there’s no way I’m going back to ballet because it would be sad for me,
so I thought I’d try something I’d never be capable of doing, so now
I’m doing the Caucasian shuffle in the hip-hop class, and it’s
hilarious but I’m having a really good time. It’s an amazing life
workout! I feel like everything is back in its right spot.
Q: You are a judge on HGTV’s “Summer Showdown” premiering Sunday 8/3, correct? Why this competition?
E: It was a very fun thing for me to do. I guess they knew that I
really liked designing houses, which is my first love, and they asked
me if I wanted to be a part of it and I really loved it.
Q: So you’re judging interior designers on their home?
E: We are, and various celebrity designers are going to give their
input on different rooms and what works better and why. I have to say,
designing really is my first love without a doubt.
Q: So why not design fulltime, rather than part-time?
E: We joke that I’m the only person who says acting is my day job. It really is! Designing is what I truly love.
Q: I hear you do architectural work as well as interior design, right?
E: Absolutely. I’ve got a project happening right now with a friend
of mine. I was just there, and what is so difficult is when you start
opening up walls, it makes people nervous and people say, ‘Why are
there all these holes?’ And I say, ‘It’s going to be fine, we’ll put it
all back, don’t worry.’
I’m one of those people – I see a wall come down and thing the ceiling is going to fall through.
E: And I love nothing more to take it all down! I like houses naked.
Q: What kind of home do you live in now?
E: The house that I’m in at the moment has a really open floor plan,
which is something that’s really popular now. I don’t love having a lot
of excess space in rooms; I like it a little bit cozier. But I’m not
complaining! I love the house that I’m living in right now. The last
house I lived in was 1,200 square feet, and this one is 5,000 square
feet. I’m looking forward to being in a smaller house soon, but I’ve
acquired all the furniture to put in this one, so I don’t know where
I’ll put it all.
Q: I hear you’re doing a cameo in “Barry Munday” – what’s that all about?
E: A friend of mine (Chris D’Arienzo) wrote and directed the movie and I read the movie, and all I do is make out with him and Patrick Wilson and I thought, ‘Wait a minute, how did this happen?’ (laughs)
Q: Well, are they at least both good kissers?
E: I have to say I was really surprised – they were great kissers!
And I was really impressed – they were lovely and I had a really nice
Q: Since we’re on the kissing topic, now I have to ask, is Adam Rodriguez a good kisser?
E: I don’t know! We’ve never kissed each other! But you know how TV
is, we might be giving each other longer looks and we might hold hands
at some point…but Adam and I have never kissed.
Q: What do you like to do in your spare time, when and if you have any?
E: I fill all my spare time with other [design] projects but I do
read a lot. I’m a big reader. That’s my guilty pleasure is to wake up
and then read in bed in the morning. That’s what I like to do.
Q: Back to volunteer work, what advice would you have for
people looking to tap into some type of structure or guidelines for
volunteer work?
E: My advice to people is always do things that you love. If you do
things you love you will always be successful. Sometimes people fall
into the trap of doing things they hate trying to earn a heavy living,
but then they never have enough. And volunteering is the same thing. If
you volunteer doing something that you love, it will make your life