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<i>CSI: Miami</i>'s Practical Jokester

Cliff Lipson/CBS

CSI: Miami
's Practical Jokester

by David Hochman 
May 10, 2010 03:33 PM EST

How far do you take a joke in Hollywood? If you’re on the world’s most
popular television series, you take it all season long. All through the
eighth season of CSI: Miami, Emily Procter, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne, cracked wise on her fun-loving castmate Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe), she tells TV Guide Magazine.

got these magnetic bumper stickers,” Procter says, “and started putting
them on Jonathan’s car. They were ridiculous. One said, ‘I’m only
speeding ‘cause I have to poop.’ He was, like, ‘Who put that there?’
Then the next week it was, ‘Girl gone wild!’ He freaked out over that
one. My favorite was the one that said, ‘I’ll fake it so he’ll buy me

The funniest part was Procter didn’t come clean until
the end of the shooting season last month, though she admits she might
have let the prank go a bit too long. “Ryan went crazy,” she laughs.
“’Who's doing this to me? Who's doing this to me?’ Finally, I revealed
myself, but now I'm a little nervous to see what he's going to do to me
next season."