People's Choice Awards Update: Voting Time has started

This is our moment, I have found out the People's Choice Awards voting to nominate our 5 favorites has started today, a little early. What we have to do? Vote for the entire time we have for Emily Procter and CSI:Miami!

So, here is basically what we should do:

  • You write Emily Procter in the blank "Other" space, like I have done in the picture above. Remember to check it before writing or you won't be able to write inside. You can click on 4 of the other mentioned actresses if you like.
  • Click on "Cast your vote"
  • If you want to vote for CSI:Miami in the Favorite Tv Crime Drama category, go to http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=110025
  • You'll find this:

  • You have to do exactly the same as explained above, just write CSI:Miami.

I'll try to remind you of this every day for the time we have on every social network, hope to succeed in this little mission. I think it's time to give some back to our show and our Emily!

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