Big Fail for CBS site, someone's forgotten Emily Procter!

Fans all over the world are horrified, where is Emily? CBS has launched CSI:Miami new page on their official site , you go to the cast list and...

Yeah, where is Emily? 
Fans are surely not happy about that. After a season of CSI:Miami catching a few glimpses of the series leading lady, due to her pregnancy, "Emilicious fans" have been itching all Summer waiting for the 10th season milestone to have, at last, Calleigh Duquesne back to her second-in-command spot next to Horatio Caine. 
Well, nothing against Eva LaRue, whose talent has been shining in Emily's absence, but fans where surely not happy to see Natalia BoaVista's smiling at them from Calleigh's ten-year place.
Twitter has been buzzing and even summertime quite TalkCSI is advancing some theories, is this an unwanted spoiler or just a mistake?
We surely hope for a mistake and wait patiently for CBS explanation about what happened. After ten-year on command this is absolutely not the proper way to treat our Southern Bullet girl...and fans are screaming for respect!

What do you think?

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