Chris Redman: Michael Travers and so much more - Interview

by Lusiana Maggiore
AnAwardForEmily has had the pleasure to have a nice chat (via email) with Christopher Redman, best known by CSI:Miami fanatics as Micheal Travers, British lab tech and often comic relief on the show. A few questions for him and he has found the time to answer them back for us, we'll know how CSI:Miami cast spend their long hours on the set and everything Chris is working on, because, believe me, even if he is not always on the show, he knows how to keep himself busy! And we'll see in some good thing...

Has your life somehow changed after you've been cast in CSI:Miami?
-I've never been on a show with such a devoted fan base! It feels great to be a part of the CSI family and to know how many people enjoy the show. Interacting with fans has been really fun.

 How is life on the CSI:Miami set? Funny and relaxed like everyone says?
- The days on the set are very relaxed for the most part. Everyone is so comfortable with each other, we can all just be ourselves and get to the work. The hours can be long so cast and crew definitely like to keep it easy and joke around a little, play music and face-off in online Scrabble.

Are you working on some projects, aside CSI:Miami?
-Yeah! Because Travers is only in every other episode ( or so) I have time to work on other films and shows. I'll be in an episode of Rizzoli And Isles on TNT airing in October and a film called The Big Year also in October with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson where I play a birdwatcher on his honeymoon.....in the arctic. Small part but so much fun. I also like to do a lot of writing and painting...but that's just for my own sanity.

How is it to work with Emily Procter?
-Emily is always so warm and lovely to work with. I wish she came into my lab more! She is very funny in real life and such a talented actor, I know it'll be a hoot if she's coming in.

We have seen Travers is in some episodes of the new season, what can we expect?
-Well, without giving away too much, let's just say I get a gun and a badge. ( pause) I'm kidding. More fun in the lab, helping the gang out with my sizable brain and a few classic Travers british-isms for good measure. The writer's are tapping into his sense of humour more, which I love.

 Your favorite CSI:Miami episode?
- Well, my favorite to shoot is a toss up between "Dissolved" because I got to go outside!! That one and the episode where I quote the Lord Byron poem to Horatio was pretty hilarious.

 A big thanks again to Chris for being so nice to his fans, we wish him the best for his career and, well, can't wait to see him back on CSI:Miami Sunday Sept 25th on CBS for the season 10 premiere. See you all there!

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