Celebrity Parents Mag: Catching Up With...CSI: Miami's Emily Procter

Catching Up With...CSI: Miami's Emily Procter

Emily 2
Actress Emily Procter is a busy woman indeed. In addition to heading into the latest season on CBS’ highly rated show CSI: Miami, she is also the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stretch mark formula products. Due in December, the CSI: Miami star spoke exclusively with Celebrity Parents Magazine
about being the new spokeswoman for Palmer’s, and why she plans on
packing her suitcase when she has Thanksgiving dinner…just in case.

Obligatory first question: Do you know what you’re having?
Yes, but my partner and I are keeping it a secret.

Okay, how about just the name? [laughs]
If we told you the name you’d probably be able to figure out the sex! If not, we’re in trouble! [laughs]

Emily 3 Let’s talk about Palmer’s. This is THE ad campaign to do when you’re pregnant. How did you get involved with the brand?
had started using Palmer’s products about two years ago. I had read a
magazine article about the best of the best products, and Palmer’s was
on the list. I thought I would try it, and I loved it. I also liked the
history of the company; the current owner is the son of the creator of
the line, who was a chemist. He created the product in the basement of
his house. It’s a family-owned product; just good, kind people putting
out good, affordable skin care. I think that there’s something very
responsible in that.

You can pamper yourself and it’s at a good price point.
You’re not getting something second or third tier. It’s a top-quality product that works for everyone.

Which is your favorite product from the line?
I cannot say enough about the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter. Have you used it?

Palmer's cocoa butter
Yes, I have and it’s delicious.

is! I told them, “Ya’ll need to put a label on it to sell it to
everyone, not just pregnant women!” [laughs] There’s also the Skin
Therapy Oil, which has an anti-itch formula, and it contains collagen
and Vitamin E. I put that on at night; it just works for me. I put it on
my face, which normally could be disastrous but I love it. I think it’s
just for your belly, but if it works in one spot, why not just take it
everywhere? I say: You can’t have too much of a good thing. [laughs]

You just recently shot the ad campaign. How did that go?
was incredible easy. It’s an all-day shoot, and I thought I was going
to get tired. But apart from having to use the bathroom 30 times, I was

Emily 1 Now, how have you been preparing for the baby?
I ordered everything for the nursery, but there was a problem getting
the fabric. So even though my mom, my aunt and my best friend from home
are here to help me, I think we’re going to just be looking at each
other and playing with tiny baby clothes! [laughs] I’m due in December,
but I think I could go any time after Thanksgiving. I tend to eat spicy
food for Thanksgiving, so you never know what could happen.

So you’re going to go to Thanksgiving dinner with your suitcases, then?
I already started washing my nursing items and putting them in the bag, just in case!

And you’re still working on CSI: Miami. Has the pregnancy affected your work?
plan is not to miss any episodes. This year I have such a small part
and I have to sit down a lot. The other actors have to do all the action
scenes and that’s my favorite part; they couldn’t care less about it. I
miss them, though. I got a sweet text from [CSI: Miami co-star] Adam
[Rodriguez] last week saying, “Why aren’t you here every day? I miss
you!” And I thought, “Awww! My fake boyfriend really does love me!”
[laughs] They might get tired of rolling me around the set, but we’ll
see what happens. I love working on the show, being the new face for
Palmer’s, and expecting my first child. I’m just so lucky.

For more info on Palmers, please go to www.palmers.com.

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