sheknows.com: Emily Procter shares pregnancy secrets

Emily Procter shares pregnancy secrets

SheKnows: Being a celebrity, the world wants to know
about your pregnancy. Is it a challenge for you to keep it still
between you and this little baby that’s growing inside you or are you
more than willing to share it with the world?  

Emily Procter: It was one of those things where I
wanted to see how the pregnancy progressed before I made any sort of
announcement. I was home for the summer and I kept going places and
hearing from people, "Oh my gosh, I heard you’re pregnant." [Laughs] What? Apparently, my dad took it upon himself to let the world know he was going to be a grandfather finally. [Laughs]
That’s how that turned out. It’s been fine. My job prepared me nicely
for having people come up and randomly touch me because that’s what
happens all the time. People just come up and touch my sweater or fix my
hair. Nobody ever says, "Here I come, I’m going to touch you!" Now,
everyone’s touching my belly. I’m completely used to it. It feels normal
to me.

Southern mothering to Southern California

Emily ProctorSheKnows: What parts of your childhood, or how you were raised, do you seek to replicate as a mother yourself?

Emily Procter: I hope to teach my child to toilet paper as many houses as possible [laughs].
Seriously, one thing I’m going to miss in Los Angeles versus North
Carolina is that it is so much bigger here. I’m looking forward to
seeing how I will handle that. One thing I love about being in Los
Angeles is there are so many wonderful parks. There are great places to
play outside. That was not available to us as a child, because it would
get cold. At a certain point, you didn’t play outside because it was
winter. Parts of my childhood I’d like to recreate for my child? I don’t
know. I feel in a lot of ways I’m still living the way my family raised
me. I’m a big holiday person. I’m one of those people who is decorating
for Halloween the first day of October [laughs]. I’m just
going to do a lot of the same things my mom did with me. My parents were
really good at showing us where the origins of things were. We went to a
dairy farm, things like that.

SheKnows: In the last couple of years, there’s been a
real trend for the press to cover celebrity babies, almost like the
babies of celebrities become celebrities. Are you ready for that? Or,
are you seeking to be more of a shielding mother to keep the press away
from your little one?

Emily Procter: The one thing I’ve noticed about
having my job, for myself, is that I always felt that if I behaved
normally and acted the same, people are going to treat me the same. I
think it worked. I think with a child, I’m already in severe danger of
being overprotective. I would have done that anyway. I hope I will give
my child the freedom to not be that protective of them constantly. It’s
just going to be life as normal for us. That’s what I hope, anyway [laughs].

Procter and the work-motherhood balance

SheKnows: Such an issue for women all over the world, how do you seek to balance your career and motherhood?

Emily Proctor on CSI: Miami

Emily Procter: One thing I think that is nice about
being an older mom is that my career is established enough that
motherhood is going to step up and take the primary role. I feel very
thankful for that. I’m also in a position that the people that I work
with are parents to children too. They’ve already been wonderful with me
being pregnant. It’s going to be great. I’m just going to take the baby
to work. That’s my plan.

SheKnows: CSI: Miami is premiering October 3, how’s the shoot been while pregnant?

Emily Procter: It’s been great for me. In every scene, I’m just sitting in a chair [laughs]! You don’t understand, this is my favorite season so far.

SheKnows: Are they going to write that into your
storyline, or are you just sitting at tables and walking around holding a
folder over your belly?

Emily Procter: [Laughs] The good news, I’m
due anytime before Christmas. They’ve been very nice about it thus far,
but I have a feeling that people are going to be tapping their watch,
looking at me, ready for me to go to the gym in February. "Alright, you
don’t get to sit down anymore."

SheKnows: Are you going to take any time off after having the baby?

Emily Procter: I’m going to try not to; I’m going to try to not miss an episode. I’m not pulling my weight this year, I’m really not [laughs]. I’m surprised when they pay me.

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