Emily at EcoMom's Showing Hope In Congo Party - March 12, 2009

credit to EmilyProcterFansite


What will SOWING HOPE: EcoMom Congo Project actually do?
American economy is the world’s largest democracy, and American women
represent over 85% of the purchasing power (i.e. votes) within that
system. EcoMom Alliance offers a powerful network of women in the U.S.
and beyond that will strive to:
• Educate our network of EcoMom Leaders to raise awareness about the conflict and sexual violence epidemic in Congo

Raise funds to provide vocational training and build a live/work
safehouse for Congolese women, producing sustainably developed EcoMom
• Develop and purchase these goods through EcoMom, and sell
them via the EcoMom Market, further raising funds and awareness in
support of Congolese families
• Create partnerships between EcoMom
Leaders and Congolese women to reduce isolation and offer a sense of
kinship, sisterhood, hope, and support
In this way, we not only make
a positive difference, but also pioneer a new model of hybrid business
– a global citizenry working together for a sustainable future.

source raisehopeforcongo.org

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