The Who's News: Emily Procter brings Southern charm to 'CSI: Miami'

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So here is an interesting interview Emily did for The Who's News Blog, enjoy!!!

Emily Procter brings Southern charm to 'CSI: Miami'

Posted by Lorrie Lynch

You only get a hint of Emily Procter’s North Carolina accent when she plays Calleigh Duquesne on the hit show CSI: Miami
(listen it for tonight on CBS), but her Southern charm becomes much
more pronounced when you get her talking about disembodied limbs, her
alma mater and her fledgling interior decorating business off the set
of her hit TV show. Our Brian Truitt found that out recently when he
talked with the spunky 41-year-old actress for an item on my Who’s News page this past weekend. Read below for more of their conversation.

You’ve been on CSI: Miami since it began in 2002. How have you tried to develop Calleigh over that time?
been trying to make choices based on her non-written-about issues.
That’s been something I’ve anchored myself to in terms of her
character. I was shooting a scene yesterday, and in this episode
there’s a women that we believe was a drunk driver and she killed
somebody and Calleigh’s father is an alcoholic. It was really nice
because the director said, “I want to give you a moment with this body
because after all, your father is an alcoholic.” And I thought, “This
is great! They’re going for it!”

How about the gory crime scenes? Have you gotten used to those over eight seasons?
the very beginning, it was awful. I couldn’t sleep, and I had terrible
nightmares. It’s funny you bring it up because I was just talking to
our technical adviser about this yesterday. His wife had just had a
baby and he watched the epidural needle go in her back and it undid
him, but yet he’s been able to compartmentalize all of these gruesome
murders over the last 10 years. Every now and then, something really
weird will gross me out, and I think, “Really?” That must still be in
there. I’ve just shoved it under a pile of other stuff.

What’s the most recent thing that grossed you out?
This foot! We were working on this dismembered body, and it’s not like the dismembered body bothered me. It’s that when Christian [Clemenson] was scraping the toe, it moved and I was like, “Ewwwww.” Once you get used to this, I guess, you can get used to anything.

You grew up in Raleigh, N.C., and seem to have kept your Southern accent.
not as much on the show. Calleigh’s a bit too stern to have such an
accent. It would end up with me going, “Did you do it?! Come on. Just
tell me!”

Aside from Sandra Bullock, you’re probably one of the few celebrities to ever come out of East Carolina University.
went back this summer and I was like, “They have got to get it
together.” Some of these dorms are exactly the same, and I had no idea
how ghetto it was. I was like, “Mental note: Call school. Offer money
for dorms.” [Laughs] That’s what so great about ECU. Any other school
would have been on my doorstep. ECU’s like, “We’re so proud.” I’m like,
“Do you want some money?” And they’re like, “Ah, if you feel like it.
Don’t worry about it.” I was like, “You guys are cool.”

I hear you also do some interior decorating.
do a lot. Usually, I’m doing a house. This is the first year I have not
done a house, but I’ve done one every other season of the show. This
year, it’s possible it might be our last season or my last season, so I
thought I’m not gonna do anything else but just enjoy being on the show
this year. But I love it. It’s a big area of interest of mine. If and
when the show stops, that’s my first order of business: to get my
contractor’s license.

Do your friends hire you or do you make yourself available to anybody?
I usually end up working for my friends, just because I think it’s a
little weird for other people to be like, “You’re that girl on the TV
show. That’s freaking me out.”

You need to have your co-star David Caruso hire you.
David actually just asked me about doing his place. [Laughs] It’s big. That
was part of the thing — he was like, How long would it take?” And I was
like, “It would take me a year.” That would be hard.

Would you ever consider hosting one of these interior-decorating reality shows they have now?
actually been talking to somebody about doing a science show, which I’m
really excited about. It would be scientific mysteries along the lines
of Scientific American and things like that. He said, “It’d be great if
you did a show because we never have any girls do things like that.”
And I thought, “Yes! I would love to do that!”

Did you grow up liking science?
just grew up liking puzzles. Even to this day, I love to do jigsaw
puzzles, and then it gets really bad because I’ll time myself doing
them. I’m like, “How quickly can I solve this mystery?” I just like
that. In a lot of ways, ultimately I feel like I ended up on the best
show for me because that’s all I do.

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