The Top Ten Detectives Currently on TV

There is Just Something About a Good Crime Drama Show

Calleigh Duquesne is a supervisor and investigator on the hit show CSI: Miami.
She does a large amount of detective work on the show in addition to
her investigation and supervisory position. She is very happy go lucky
and just about everyone likes her. She is often thought of as being "too happy". The beautiful Emily Proctor portrays the character. She is not as tough as some of the women on these shows but she is probably the prettiest.
NCIS has a version of CSI: Miami's Duquesne is Ziva David. She was
previously a Mossad agent, and daughter of its director, from Israel
who was an NCIS liaison. Eventually she leaves the Mossad in order to become a full agent of NCIS.
She is learning American customs and often slightly phrases American
slogans wrong. It is not admitted to on the show yet, but there is an
obvious attraction to fellow team member Tony DiNozzo. He often makes a
wide array of sexual jokes at her expense. She is a trained assassin
and has a bit of a cold demeanor except to her teammates. They have
used her associations in the Mossad for several storylines including
having to kill her brother as he was about to kill team leader Jethro
Gibbs. Cote de Pablo portrays David on the show. She is not as hot as
Emily proctor, but she is put together much better. She also has more
of a natural beauty about her.

Tony DiNozzo is a former police
officer and the second in command of the team. He is basically you
macho jock ladies man type. He pretty much likes anything with legs and
has a subtle but obvious interest in Ziva. He is not the smartest guy
on the team and relies on street smarts to get things done. He is
pretty tough and handy with a gun. A very interesting plot was that he
was once framed by an assistant lab geek who DiNozzo once testified
against. The team discovered the frame and helped him clear his name.
He also was on a deep cover mission were he romanced the daughter of an
arms dealer to help catch him but fell for her in the process. Tony
DiNozzo is portrayed by Michael Weatherly.

by Jay Braun

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