Emily Procter’s Post-Baby Transformation With Trainer Chris Plourde

As featured in the Summer 2012 issue of VIVmag, CSI: Miami‘s Emily Procter is a Spinning machine who’s taken classes at Revolution Fitness for 10 years. Her favorite instructor, Chris Plourde, also trained her one on one after she had her first child. Both love the element of music in their workouts, especially when on the bike. Plourde divulges, “Music that moves me and touches my heart allows me to give more to my students. I want great beat and soul. I create a Spin class plan and plug in music to complement the workout, so it gives my students more juice to dig a little deeper and push harder.”

Here are some of their favorites to pick up the pace.

Check out the full story in the Summer 2012 issue of VIVMag, available July 1!

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