Ford Plugged In - Emily Procter's Raleigh

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Emily Procter’s Raleigh: Get Plugged In!

In this episode of the online competition series “Plugged In,” actress and star of “CSI: Miami” Emily Procter takes viewers to her hometown of Raleigh, where she puts our six contestants to the test with new challenges of stamina, problem solving and driving skills. The contestants, working in teams of two and using the all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric, unravel Procter’s clues about her favorite Raleigh locations and activities, which lead them on adventurous challenges, uniquely linked to Emily’s personal life. The teams compete to earn “butterfly” points, with the ultimate goal of representing Raleigh in the finale and competing with winners in nine other cities for a chance to win the all-new Focus Electric. 
Our first challenge takes the participants to Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh where they participate in a bag swap competition. Each pair has 10 minutes to scour the area, locate people using plastic shopping bags and swap them out for reusable bags. 
For the second challenge, Procter sends the teams on a scavenger hunt to visit some of her most beloved places in the Raleigh area. The contestants must try to reach as many locations as possible during the allotted time, taking a picture at each location and uploading their photo to Flickr athttp://www.flickr.com/groups/fordpluggedin/
Nicknamed “Big Red," The Angus Barn is their first stop on the list. This restaurant holds a very special place in Emily’s heart, as the spot where she threw her dad’s surprise 75th birthday party. Contestants need to take a picture with both her Dad and the restaurant’s owner, Van Eure. Another location is the 42nd Street Oyster Bar where Emily had her 4th grade birthday party. This Raleigh landmark has been serving oysters to generations of Emily’s family since it opened in 1931. Teams should take pictures of themselves enjoying oysters, still Emily’s birthday food of choice. Taylor’s of Raleigh might not have a “taylor," but teams can take a picture outside for this location’s butterfly points. Skate Ranch, another locale, is a skater’s paradise. Emily had her first date here, and contestants have to take a picture wearing a yellow skirt reminiscent of the one she wore that night. The final possible location is NOFO @ The Pig. The name comes from its first home on North Fourth Street in Wilmington, North Carolina. This unique place is located in an old Piggly Wiggly grocery store in the Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh, and still retains much of the original Piggly Wiggly character. 
The final challenge takes place at the beautiful Pullen Park , home to the fifth oldest operating amusement park in the US and the sixteenth oldest in the world. Teams play a special game of catch, "Plugged In" style. One team member will be the blind folded “launcher” and the other will be the “catcher." Each team will have 50 balls, each ball with a different butterfly point value. They’ll have two minutes to try to throw and catch as many balls as possible and the winner will move on to the finale for their chance to win a brand new Ford Focus Electric. 


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